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Full Version: Intensity
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Hi there
I'm in the process of testing the Infinity Chimp 300 and don't have that much experience with lighting consoles.
I have now patched the headlights and set the DMX channels on the headlights. Although the intensity is at 0 and I have not yet recorded any intensities on the faders, all headlights are already shining white. For testing I have the Litecraft AT10 and Selecon Profile 1 headlights.
I would be happy for a tip. Many Thanks!
This could be a lot of things. Either they are selected and "Highlight" is turned on, or there is no dimmer channel or the default for the dimmer channel is at 100%. RGB Channels by default are at 100%. Maybe you can send me your showfile to [email protected] and I can get back to you and let you know what I find.
You can export the showfile from the "Manage Shows" section in the Backup menu, or directly from the backup menu when it is opened.