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Full Version: Timecode Chimp 100 ?
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is there any possibility to use Timecode with the Chimp 100?
I looked at both Desks (Chimp 100 and Chimp 300) and the Touchscreen (Viewing Angle) of the Chimp 300 don`t work for me. The Chimp 100 with a Banana Wing seems to be the right Desk but I need a Solution to sync Lights with Laser and Video.

Any Possibilities? Thank You.
Dear Trickboxx,

Only the Chimp 300 has the Timecode option. There is a reason the Chimp 100 is smaller/cheaper and thus it has less features than the Chimp 300.
The Chimp 300 does not Fit because I am very unhappy with the Touchscreen. So it remains only the Chimp 100 or a completely different Console. I was hoping that there is a possibility. The Price is not decisive but the Functions that are needed.
Thank You. Greetings, Robert
I'd like to know the reason that Chimp 100 didn't support SMPTE timecode or MIDI. I don't believe that the reason is the cost. As Highlite - Infinity said, the only difference between Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 is the Touch Screen and the fixtures... i'm really dissapointed, Is there any way to have Timecode on Chimp100 ??