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Full Version: [Fixed in 1.02] LAMPY 20, 1.1, DMX output screen shows no values on internal screen
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Lampy 20, 2 universes

Software V

External touch screen connected:
No USB devices, no network devices

Short description of the bug:
If I have lights switched on, with DMX output, the values of the DMX output screen on the internal screen only show zero's, no values. The external screen does show live values in the DMX output screen. 

How to reproduce the bug:

switch on some lights, have DMX output and look in the internal DMX output screen

What do you expect?

I expect that I see the real, live DMX that the desk outputs at the internal DMX output screen
Hi there!

Thanks for your Bug report.

We'll make sure to address this in the next update.

Hi there!

I did some further testing and can confirm the issue.

Altough it only happens when a dongle is plugged in.

Workaround: You can scroll all the way down and up again after opening the screen and you'll see the values and you will also see them changing.

As said, we'll fix this in the next Bugfix release which should be due soon.

Great, thanks!