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Full Version: Universe 4 Out port broken
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Hello! The Universe 4 port on my Chimp 300 dont work. Any fixses for this?
Dear Eirikhelgesen,

if your console is under waranty, I would strongly suggest to send back the unit to your local dealer or to Highlite if you have a customer account.
they can repair and do a thorough check-up.

in case you would want to do it yourselves, then all 4 universes are seperate PCB's which are very easy to exchange.
so if you are 100% sure that the problem is only the PCB, then ordering this spare-part and loosening some screws will be the work you need to do.

hope this info helps.
Also, make sure that the DMX input is switched off. If it is On and assigned to DMX output 4, the output won't work.