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Full Version: Software Release V1.12 Beta (25-11-2020)
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***                                         Version 1.12 Open Beta (25.11.2020)                                         ***

This is an Open Beta release, showing you all the new features that have been developed so far.
As this is version is still in development, we provide the chance to play with all the new features and help testing every little function.
Giving feedback can be done in the separate 'Chimp 1.12 Open Beta' section in this forum.

The software can be downloaded from here:

General new Features
- ADD: Output Window, indicating the current output and source of the value, sorted by fixture and attribute.
- ADD: DMX Output Window, indicating the fixtures channels and dmx output value, sorted by dmx channel.
- ADD: Pressing "All" in the Selection Toolbar while shift is pressed will select all Fixtures with Values in Programmer
- ADD: Off/Load + Effect Button (Frontpanel and Programmer Side Menu) will now Off or Load Effects.
- CHANGE: Increased allowed Name Lenghts for Fader/Executor Pages (10->32), Memeory Names (15->32) and Show Names (15->32).

- ADD: [Infinity] now acts as a modifier key, similar to control on a Windows Computer, so multiple cells can be selected or deselected easily.
- ADD: A long Press, right click or double click on a Cell will open the corresponding dialog, similar as to when the [SET] Key is pressed
- ADD: Added Keyboard Navigation, with enter acting like pressing the set key.
- ADD: Now save scroll position reliably.
- ADD: Header look has been adjusted to be more easily readable.
- ADD: Many Table Views do now Autofit the columns within the available space, resulting in less scrolling.
- ADD: Clicking on the Header of a column will select all cells of that column
- ADD: Scroll on PAGE UP /  PAGE DOWN Keys on Keyboard
- ADD: Drag and Drop functionality to many tables

Page Directory
- ADD: Pages may now be reordered by drag / drop
- ADD: Remove Selected / Current Column, instead row background color is set to green if page is selected
- ADD: When active page is moved, keep this page active
- REMOVE: Move Up / Down Buttons

- ADD: In Patch Table, when triggering set with RTM / Invert Pan / Invert Tilt selected, toggle value of the cell  for selected fixtures instead of opening dialog
- ADD: Double clicking within a column or pressing the set key will open the corresponding dialog for this column (ie.: Address Column will open the Patch Dialog)
- ADD: If new patch addresses are used already, show popup asking to unpatch existing fixtures or cancel patching.
- ADD: Patch: Select Address Dialog pre-selects start address from keypad
- FIX: Patch Dialogs should show start address or "" depending on selected patch mode and universe. Autopatch should also show address
- FIX: Select Address Dialog should not show Delegates for channels higher than 512
- FIX: Select AddressDialog does not show "invalid" if I try to patch a 4 channel fixture at channels higher than 509.
- FIX: SelectAddressDialog should not accept clicks on Channels > 512
- FIX: Patch Dialogs should show start address or "" depending on selected patch mode and universe. Autopatch should also show address
- FIX: Readout in Universe Selection for Patch is now more clear (DMX; Network; Network & DMX; Not Available)
- FIX: When Adding Fixtures that do not have Pan / Tilt do not have the option to Invert Pan / Tilt anymore
- FIX: When Adding Fixtures with only Pan or only Tilt now only show these Parameters to be available to Invert
- FIX: Pan / Tilt Invert is now updated live and directly in output when changed in the Dialog.
- FIX: When replacing a fixture with virtual dimmer with one without virtual dimmer would cause the Dimmer not to function anymore

- FIX: Unavailable Feature Cells may not be selected anymore
- FIX: ProgrammerSetValueDialog: If Fixture selection is changed while dialog is open, View is not updated.
- Fix: Programmer Table - turn on Autofit (there is a Horizontal Scrollbar, shouldnt be there)
- FIX: Programmer issue where setting a custom timing on a parameter with Preset would lead to invalid Programmer Live Output on Stage
- FIX: Effects are not always loaded from Output.
- FIX: Swatch Book row selection color is not overlapping with Color-Indicator anymore

Fixture Library
- ADD: Add Multiple Ranges Dialog
- ADD: Attributes may now be reordered using Drag / Drop in the Editor
- ADD: Splitter to resize Manufacturer / Type / Mode in Library View
- ADD: "No USB Stick Found" Entry to import Library Table if no USB connected
- ADD: Import Library Dialogs now show the Path the File needs to be put on the USB Stick
- FIX: When adding ranges, the next minimum value should be increased by +1
- FIX: If the Window is closed by clicking the X-Button on top, it is now possible to go back to Editing the Library, Save or Discard

FX Engine
- ADD: Absolute Effects: Absolute Effects as opposed to relative effects contain absolute minimum and maximum values, these values may also be set using presets and will hence be updated if the preset is updated
- ADD: Splitting Minimum / Maximum FX Size for Relative Effects: Now, minimum and maximum size a relative may be specified individually, containing either positive or negative values
- ADD: Attack and Decay Columns that may be used to "soften up" the edges of the PWM Waveform
- ADD: New forms including, but not limited to Phase A, Phase B, Phase C, Random 1 and Random 2
- ADD: Shots Column giving the user the ability to specify how many times an effect should be run
- ADD: FX Editor - Scrolling to the right should reveal 2nd / 3rd Encoder Set
- ADD: Repeatedly pressing the FX Button when Effects is selected in Programmer should toggle between encoder sets and scroll to the position
- ADD: "Zoom" Predefined FX
- ADD: Reset Duty Cycle when switching between PWM/Sine (only if value is at default)
- CHANGE: Wings: Every 2nd Wing will now invert Pan (if used) to create completely symmetric effects
- FIX: Predefined Circle Half / Half is now symmetric using wings.
- FIX: Added new symmetric Circle Half / Half Pulse using wings.
- FIX: Forbid changing Fixtures in Effect when selection is empty

Cuelists / Playbacks
Output engine has been completely rewritten for more performance, also introducing a lot of fixes to MIB and Tracking.

- ADD: Mutual Exclusive Groups for Cuelists
- ADD: Info that X-Fade does not work with 0 cue fade time
- ADD: [EDIT] FaderButton / ExecutorButton or clicking on the Fader Label now opens a Window which contains Cuelist View and Cuelist Settings tab
- ADD: Select Button to Edit Fader / Edit Executor Dialog
- ADD: Option to automatically Off all FX for fixtures in Cuelist on a per Cuelist basis in Cuelist Settings
- ADD: Option to Cuelist Settings to add zero Dimmer Values to all fixtures in the Cuelist in the first cue, if not programmed otherwise
- ADD: Option to force MiB, even if there are values programmed for fixtures that are having 0% intensity
- ADD: Option to prevent turning off other Cuelists
- ADD: Mutual Release Groups, which may only contain one active playback. When starting a new Playback within a Mutual Release Group, the old Playback will be turned off,  as soon as the new Playback completed its infade
- ADD: Cues may now be reordered by simply dragging them
- ADD: Cues may now be copied by pressing [Copy] and then drag-dropping the cue to the new destination
- ADD: When Copy is in the Commandline clicking on a Cue in CuelistView copies the cue to the end
- ADD: When Delete is in the Commandline clicking on a Cue in CuelistView deletes the Cue
- ADD: When Edit is in the Commandline clicking on a Cue loads this Cue to the Programmer
- ADD: When Name is in the Commandline clicking on a Cue will open the Name Dialog for this Cue
- ADD: When Off is in the Commandline clicking on a Cue opens a dialog asking if the User wants to switch off that Cuelist
- ADD: Confirmation when deleting Cue from list with single Cue
- CHANGE: Fetch Mode should be on by default for Group / Fixture Masters
- FIX: Learn Timing does not show cue background color in magenta in fader labels
- FIX: Add Zero Cue and always MiB should be hidden for chaser.
- FIX: Deleting Cues from a selected Cuelist by typing "Delete Cue #" or "Delete #" did not work
- FIX: When stepping Quickly through a Cuelist, FX OFF is not applied.
- FIX: Local Chaser Tapsync is (sometimes) only taken after all cue times have elapsed.
- FIX: Multiple issues with learn timing.
- FIX: Learn Timing is not visualized in Cuelist Fader Label Cue Color if list is off.
- FIX: Infade Fader should issue assert when list is running already and fader changes from 0 to 1
- FIX: Go-Ing throuh a list quickly at some point may ignore all timings. Output stuck at last Cue that was doing fade times.
- FIX: Cue Numbers are now displayed with decimal values that are not zero (eg: 1.1 instead of 1.100)
- FIX: Inserting Cues into a Cuelist now numbers them properly (first .1 to .9, if thats not possible .x1 to .x9 and so on, up to 3 decimal places)
- FIX: When moving a Cuelist onto a not empty one, the Error Dialog would show the wrong destination CL Number.
- FIX: Issue where Cuelist View would sometimes not scroll to the active cue.
- FIX: When EDIT - S1 - S4, GroupBoxes for Go and Pause Button are shown - should be hidden for Master Faders (Not for CL Faders)

Pools and Pool Items (Fixture, Group, Preset, Cuelist)
- ADD: Preset is_used indicator, if the Preset is used in one or multiple Cuelists (Preset ID shown in Red Color)
- ADD: Cuelist is_used indicator, if the cuelist is assigned to one or multiple faders (Cuelist ID shown in Red Color)
- ADD: Group is_used indicator, if the group is assigned to one or multiple faders (Group ID shown in Red Color)
- ADD: Moving a running Cuelist Object (in pool) will now ask for confirmation before switching the cuelist off and moving it.
- ADD: Replacing or Removing from Preset now opens a dialog asking for confirmation, Merge is applied without any confirmation, as it is considered non-destructive.
- ADD: Fixture Items are now showing Split Colors in PreView.
- CHANGE: DimmerBar in Fixtures is now drawn in OpenGL
- FIX: Has Programmer Values indicator is not updated properly after connecting to server which is running a showfile
- FIX: Group / Preset status may not have been updated correctly in the UI in some cases.
- FIX: Fixture Items without Dimmer (but Color) show 2 Dimmer Bars
- FIX: Has Values indicator is not shown after client opened / connected to existing server.
- FIX: Fixtures with HSI are now visualized properly
- FiX: Fixtures with Colorwheels only are now Visualized properly
- FIX: FixturePoolItems Name & ID do not overlap anymore with long names, get smaller and at smallest level elide center.
- FIX: PresetPoolItem - Icon too big, name too small.
- FIX: Edit Preset Dialog: Update UI / Styling
- FIX: Fixtures with non-visualizable channels are not showing any visualization anymore, but rather a more or less empty fixture item in Pools and Magic Sheets
- FIX: Fixed an Issue where a Fixture Item that only had certain parameters but no dimmer would show two dimmer bars.

Magic Sheets
Magic Sheets have been rewritten and optimized for more performaice. Items will now be simplified according to the zoom level and count of items on the magic sheet.

- ADD: MagicSheet Zoom-Level can now be changed with a Pinch Gesture (Experimental)
- CHANGE: Magic Sheet smart selection mode may now be found in a dropdown menu in the Titlebar in order to provide more space to the actual MagicSheet.
- FIX: Sometimes Arrange Linear in Fixtures View would shuffle the selection order.
- FIX: Sometimes selecting Fixtures in MagicSheet would lead to individual commands set to the server, resulting in weird selection issues.
- FIX: MagicSheet View gets offset when dialog opens
- FIX: MagicSheetHandle Icons should be more visible
- FIX: Cancelling to add a Label does add Label anyway
- FIX: If FixtureView Handle (Add Label) is overlapping with another Item, Handle can not be grabbed.
- FIX: Issue where Preset Items would sometimes let other Items shine through
- FIX: Various MagicSheet Align Bugfixes

General Bugfixes
- FIX: Clone Fixtures does not use the default Value in the Line Edit for Fixture Count
- FIX: Desklock PIN code can now also be changed using the Master PIN Code
- FIX: Changing the Desklock PIN now indicates if old pin is entered correctly and if new PINs match
- FIX: Sometimes Group-Faders did not work properly. This is now fixed
- FIX: sACN Keypad now allows for the correct numbers of Universes to be entered (1 to 63999 instead of 0 to 255)
- FIX: Fetch mode indicator is now properly hidden when fader reaches the value
- FIX: After Unlocking Console last screen setting from before should be restored
- FIX: Date / Time in Setup showing weird dropdown arrow in spinBox
- FIX: External Monitor Scrollpositions and Screen Selection are now saved reliably in Showfile
- FIX: If no suitable Calibration is found when a display is connected/disconnected, display a dialog that explains how to perform one
- FIX: sACN does not have CID set, preventing sACN Merge / Priority from working
- FIX: Keypad Widget is resetting if value is equal to default value, even if typed by user
- FIX: Load + Fixture  + Enter should load all values for selected fixtures excluding  effects to programmer
- FIX: Load + FX should load all fx for selected fixtures into programmer
- FIX: OSC Virtual Executors trigger normal Executors
- FIX: Some Cuelist commands would cause a recursion and crash the server
- FIX: MiB Type in Library is not applied after changing and saving the Library
- FIX: Recursive Cuelist Command (Timecode) crashed Server
- FIX: Labels in MagicSheet can not be set to black color
- FIX: Labels in MagicSheet: Color Picker does not work if Black QuickColor was selected first
- FIX: Do not Release other Cuelists sometimes does not work as expected
- FIX: After startup Client will use "Intensity" Feature Group as first initialization instead of "All" Group. This makes Preset Pool and Programmer start with a useful selection.
- FIX: Setting Time / Date when the console has an internet connection does not work

General UI / UX Changes
- ADD: Import Show and Software Update Dialogs now show the Path the File needs to be in on the USB Stick
- ADD: When assigning or changing to a universe in DmxOutputSetup which is already in use, add a popup to confirm or decline these changes - if confirmed unassign the other universe mapped to it.
- ADD: Save Timecode State in Showfile
- ADD: WDMX Configuration Buttons are only shown if applicable.
- CHANGE: When recording into existing Group: MergeGroupDialog: Close when no more fixtures selected while dialog is open.
- CHANGE: Make Scroll Bar Handle resize itself depending on the amount of how much it can scroll.
- CHANGE: Dropdown Menu Text is bigger and dropdown list now has a border around it to easier distinguishable from background
- CHANGE: DropDown Menus now have a Scrollbar shown if there are too many entries.
- Change: OSC Wing Driver -> Do not send empty strings for memories as "Empty", send  ""
- REMOVE: Edit Cuelist Button in Edit Fader Screen
Important though: 
If you’re running an OnPC, you need to increase the amount of RAM allocated to the Virtual Machine to 4Gb.