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Timing in a cue - LightDark - 03-05-2021

I would like to use a cue delay timing as: delay time 0 thru 10. This to have 10 moving lights in a cue with a movement moving after 0 thru 10 seconds (fixture 1 moves immediately (0 seconds), fixture 2 after 1 sec, fixture 3 after 3 sec, et cetera).

RE: Timing in a cue - denishessberger - 03-05-2021

Hi Bastiaan,

I am very certain that this will not find its way into the Lampy, as its meant to be a easy to use console for the basic needs of programming a show. While designing the console, we had made the decision that individual times will be available to the Chimp console only.



RE: Timing in a cue - LightDark - 05-05-2021

Hello Denis,
Good to know, and I understand that decission perfectly, but what I propose is, in a way not the real indiviual timing. At least not on parameter level (I guess, that is what the Chimp has), but on cue level. So in that way, it will do that x thru x timing to all parameters used in your cue. Let's say a kind of "basic" individual timing. And in that way it is not as extended as I guess that that Chimp has?  Wink