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DJ-Power FogJet DSK-1500VS - Samson0810 - 17-06-2021

In the library ist the DJ-Power FogJet DSK-1500 listed, but not DJ-Power FogJet DSK-1500VS Version.
Can someone help me?

Bye Alex

RE: DJ-Power FogJet DSK-1500VS - denishessberger - 17-06-2021

Hi Alex,

after a first look I can tell you that it is not in the library as it has multiple RGB channels within one fixture, which will be supported on the chimp starting from version 2.0 Wink
In the meantime you can either write your own library (using other attributes like special for some of the RGB attributes) - or if you have a little more time I can write one up too, altough it'll probably take me until tomorrow (I am on paternity leave at the moment) Smile