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record content output - Le Kafteur - 19-09-2023

In the new update 2.21 as in the oldest :
I like to have my front lights @100% in fader 1, back lights @100% in fader 2 and so..In order to build rapidly my scenes.
but if I want to build a cue with for ex. front light @50% and back lights @80%, if I put the fader1 @50 and the fader 2@80% and I record that in record "content output" mode on a new cue,
chimp doesn't take care of the levels of the faders and the result is : front and back lights @100  )-:
Why? Is there a way to do what I want?

RE: record content output - Roosevelt - 02-05-2024

It seems like you're encountering an issue with recording cues on Chimp. The software might not be automatically adjusting the levels according to the faders set during recording. To ensure accurate cue creation, try checking the software settings or consulting the user manual for any specific instructions on cue recording procedures. Additionally, consider reaching out to Chimp's support team for assistance or exploring online registration options for accessing updated resources and support.

RE: record content output - musclemouth - 27-05-2024

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RE: record content output - LaurenceSlackman - 20-06-2024

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