LAMPY 20 with DONGLE, V 1.04, Magic Sheet Bug
Type of the Desk: Brand new Lampy 20 2U

Software Version: V1.04

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: Yes, Yes

Connected USB Devices: Touch screen, Mouse

Networked Devices: None

Magic sheet empty after pressing cancel button in arrange new fixtures window

Steps to reproduce:
- Have some fixtures in your show
- Go to the patch window
- Add fixtures from factory lib.
- Search for Infinity Iw-740 RDM 28ch
- Press OK
- Fixture count = 12
- Autopatch on universe 2
- Patch
- Arrange Linear
- Sheet #1
- In arrange new Fixtures window press CANCEL
- All fixtures are removed from sheet #1
- Sheet 1 is showing : This Magic Sheet is empty

This is a frustrating bug since your whole show may be impacted by adding a couple of fixtures.
I didn't find a way to get the sheet back

Expected Behavior:
Do not change anything to my existing show

Observed Behavior:
Clearing the sheet.

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