The next steps in the software
Good day
What new features will the next software release have?
When will it appear?
For us this is important because we are just thinking about buying more chimp 300 so far we own 3 pieces and are satisfied up even some software errors.

Thank you


Hi Manuel,

first of all thanks for the trust in the Chimp consoles as I can read that you already own 3pcs.
hope you are very happy till now .

the software team is working hard to finalise the upcoming V1.04 software.
one of the important changes is performance optimisation for fixture visualisation and window switching. 
this took a lot of time and OS will be noticeable faster, more responsive and more reliable.
some major bugs where fixed as for example some menu dropdown refresh issues, and the output priority issue when multiple cuelists where running at the same time. 
for new features we cannot give any information yet as we don’t want to give false info ore promises that we cannot keep.
please keep checking the website and forum, because the software release will be announced once it is available for everyone to download.
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Best regards,  Ron

This is very good that the OS gets faster so far it is very slow and that sucks.
The double tap around the Fadetime etc. works as well as not at all that needs to be changed urgently.

But what is most important is the possibility to control fixtures with several same channels, you can't even control all the infinity headlights sensibly at the moment.
If you look at the patch from the infinity headlights you can see that it's probably planned since there are several dimmer channels there which is probably not working yet.

It would be nice to have a statement whether there will be Multiplefixtures in the future this should be you know and it is important for many people to know.

Just like Ron mentioned, we can not give any information yet as we don’t want to give false info or promises that we cannot keep.
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Kind regards,  Harald

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