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Software Release V1.06 (30-07-2018)

02-08-2018, 10:37 AM #1
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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Version Beta 1.06 (30.07.2018)

Dear enthusiastic users,

it took some time, and it was way more time than we could even imagine, but it is finally there!

This is a stable software release adding:
* Magic Sheets
* individual Parameter Timings,
* a Programmer Live Fade Master
* new Fan Options 
* block Patching
And additionally several UI / UX aspects have been improved.

New Feature: Magic Sheets
Magic Sheets can be used to visually position and select fixtures on the screen by using the new full-screen and quad split Magic Sheet Windows. Magic Sheets can contain Fixtures, Groups, Presets and Cuelists as well as labels.
Similar to Pool Windows all Magic Sheet Items will display their current status and update themselves automatically. Labels have an editing dialog which allows to define appearance (Color, Border Size and Radius) as well as if clicking inside the background of a Label should select all Fixtures contained in the label.

# Setting up a Magic Sheet:
  To modify one of the four available Magic Sheets, select the Magic Sheet number from the toolbar of the Split Widget and enter Edit Mode by clicking on the button that reads "Edit Magic Sheet". Now you may use the second level toolbar to add, edit, delete and further modify selected Magic Sheet Items.
  Each action displays a tool tip on the bottom right reading additional information for advanced functions and actions. The Selection within the Edit Mode is not linked to the programmer.
   - The selection can be cleared using the "Clear Selection" button in the bottom right
   - The selection rectangle selects all item types
   - Arrange functions now snap to multiples of 45 Degrees when dragging a handle
   - Holding Infinity while in arrange mode disables the snap
   - Cuelist functions can be configured using the "Edit" button from within the second level Toolbar
   - To move items, either select them and move them by dragging / dropping, or use one of the integrated arrange functions.
# Selecting Items in a Magic Sheet:
  To select (or trigger the chosen action for Cuelist) Items, you can either click on an item or draw a selection rectangle. When drawing a selection rectangle, selection order will differ based on click & drag direction (left to right vs. right to left; top to bottom vs bottom to top). Selection order is displayed by the tool tip.
  For each Magic Sheet Zoom Factor and Position can be individually set and will be recorded inside the showfile.
 - Holding Infinity while dragging a selection rectangle will invert the current selection 
 - Holding Infinity while clicking on a label that is set to select contained fixtures will invert the selection within the label
 - The selection rectangle selects fixture items only

# Navigating in a Magic Sheet:
 - A persistent overlay on the right hand side of the Magic Sheet area can be used to Zoom Fit, Zoom in, Zoom Out and to activate the Viewport Drag mode which allows the user to select the area of interest in the sheet.

New Feature: Individual Parameter Timings
This release now adds the ability to add individual Fade and Delay Timings to each and every single parameter inside the Programmer.

Individual Timings can be programmed by switching the Programmer into "Timing" Mode by using the new "Timing" button in the titlebar of the Programmer window.
Individual Fade and Delay times override general Cue timings.
For each value inside a Cue the timing are determined according to the following priority list (high to low):
  1 Individual Parameter Timings
  2 Parameter Group Timings
  3 Cue Infade/Outfade Timing
In case of using the MiB feature for values which have been programmed with individual Fade and Delay times these timings are not replaced by MiB timings. MiB for these values will happen using the programmed individual Fade and Delay Timings.

The Cuelist Table now contains an additional column called "Parameter Timing" showing the presence of individual Timing Parameters. Pressing the "Set" key on this column allows to clear all individual timings for the selected Cues.   
The full set of Fanning Engine Parameters can be used with Individual Parameter Times. Switching into Timing Mode inside the Programmer will automatically switch Fanning Mode to "Fan Left". Previous Mode will be restored when Timing Mode is turned off.

New Live Master Fader Type - Programmer Live Fade:
The console software now supports a new Type of Master Fader called "Programmer Live Fade".
The Programmer Live Fader allows for quick manual crossfades during a live show.

This Fader allows to select a Fade time that will be used when values and presets are loaded into the Programmer or when a Dimmer Value is assigned using the commandline.
Programmer Live Fade is also used when blinding and unblinding the Programmer.

New Fan Options:
The fanning engine now has been extended with 2 new Fanning Options called "Buddying" and "Randomize".

 - The "Buddying" option combines multiple adjacent fixtures and treats them like one fixture. That means each group of buddy’s gets the same values.
 - The "Randomize" option will use to randomize several internal fanning parameters while fanning. Each time Randomize is turned on/off the random order or fixture selection changes internal parameters are changed in order to create really unique fanning results. This function does not alter the selection order of the currently selected fixtures (see. Shuffle Function below).

Block Patching (Patching with Offsets):
All patch dialogs now allow to define a block size in order to patch fixtures to multiples of the selected block size. For example, with a block size of 20, the first fixture is patched to the address that was entered, while the adjacent fixtures are patched in increments of 20, as if the first fixture had 20 dmx channels.

User Interface Changes:
 - All Fader and Executor Page Settings have been centralized inside the Show Setup Menu, thus Page Change settings have moved from the Page Directory window into the Show Settings pane in the Setup screen
 - Touchscreen Calibration and GUI Init has been modified to use the same colors as the general user interface.
 - External Screen: Fader Items shown when a Banana Wing is connected are now matching the real fader positions on the Wing (When using a 22 Inch Screen)
 - Fixed Virtual Executors changing size of split views
 - Updated Button Labels in Add Channels to existing Fixture dialog
 - Added Magic Sheet button to top toolbar
 - Updated Cuelist Settings Widget to not allow "Off if Overwritten" function, if HTP is enabled
 - Fader / Executor / Playback Items are now grayed out when the console has no show open or when the desk is locked
 - Patch Screens are now always accepting "Enter" key to proceed in the patch dialogs.
Smaller Changes and Bugfixes:
 - Added: Cuelists assigned to Executors have a new button function "Select Cuelist"
 - Added: The Fixture Selection Toolbar now has a new function to "Shuffle" (randomize) the selection order of the currently selected fixtures
 - Changed: Fader and Executor Page Dialog has been updated to automatically synchronize all functions, if Executor Pages are configured to be linked with Fader Pages
 - Changed: Updated Release Value Timing Resolution to use Outfade/Outdelay timing by default
 - Changed Prev / Next behavior: If only one fixture is selected, Prev / Next will always step to the previous / next fixture out of all fixtures, instead of staying with the selected fixture
 - Changed Modulo / SubSelection behaviour: If only one fixture is selected, any sub-selection will behave like no fixture was selected.
 - Fixed bug in Fixture Library System: Changing or Updateing a Fixture having a virtual dimmer to a new library without virtual dimmer would disable parameters depending on the virtual dimmer until show is closed and opened again.
 - Fixed Virtual Dimmer Rounding Error when used in conjunction with 8Bit Channels (e.g. Generic 8Bit RGB Fixture with Virtual Dimmer)
 - Fixed User/Show Library Import error: When overwriting already existing Fixtures with new configurations those configurations would not get permanently stored inside the showfile/console
 - Fixed bug in Shift+Load Function to Load current output from stage. Output did not resolve loaded presets properly resulting in loaded value of 0
 - Fixed bug in Load + Fixtures/Groups numberblock command: Output was alawys loaded for the fixtures which are selected inside the programmer thus disregarding commandline selection

Library Update:
The Fixture Library now supports new parameters:
 - Position: Pan Infinite, Tilt Infinite
 - Color:    CCT, Deep Red, Deep Blue
 - Beam:     Light Frost, Medium Frost, Heavy Frost, Lens Rotation, Autofocus
 - Macro:    Shape, Shape Dimmer, Shape Speed, Shape Fade
 - Shaper:   Frame 1-4 Position and Angle
The Fixture Library has been updated to the latest AtlaBase Library as of 23.07.2018

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

02-08-2018, 12:55 PM #2
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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the new software is available to download directly onto the Chimp when it is connected to the Internet.
You need to change your network settings to DHCP and click the 'online update' button in the maintenance menu.

second option is to download the latest version on the highlite.nl or highlite.com product page and copy the file onto your usb flashdrive, then insert in the console and use the 'usb update' button in the maintenance menu.

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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