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Chimp Showfile for Lampy

30-05-2021, 09:52 PM #1
Trickboxx Offline Junior Member **
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is it possible to create a Showfile with the Chimp and use it with the Lampy?
Because the Lampy has no Offline Editor it would be great to use the Chimp Software Editor for Lampy.
Thank You.

30-05-2021, 10:23 PM #2
denishessberger Offline Posting Freak *****
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Hi there,

Chimp and Lampy Showfiles are not compatible with each other and hence a Lampy Showfile can not be opened on a Chimp, and a Chimp Showfile can not be opened on a Lampy.
As both products are quite different and also use a different code base, such compatibility will most likely never be added.


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