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DMX in to solve Timing Problems

24-07-2021, 06:05 PM #1
Trickboxx Offline Junior Member **
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I use a Chimp 300 G2 and have on Universe 1 several Fixtures (Wash & Beam ML / Sunstrips / Dimmerchannels for Blinders usw.) all works fine. Yesterday we have a Guest LD with his own GrandMA2 and some Lights don’t work the Right Way (Flickering, Colour Changes / Random Pan and Tilt). The Lights who makes Problems are cheap China Wash ML ....
I use a DMX Splitter Booster and DMX Terminator.
The DMX Patch is OK. We think the Problem is DMX Timing. If I connect the Chimp everything works fine.
Now the Question: is it possible to connect the GrandMA2 via DMX in and Merge to Universe 1 and let the Chimp do the DMX Output? Can that be a Solution?
Thank You.

25-07-2021, 07:59 PM #2
denishessberger Offline Posting Freak *****
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Yes, that would most likely work.

Keep in mind that the highest internal dmx output at the console (in your case universe 4) will be used as the input.
Also, the merge is highest takes precedence, so for example if a value on the chimp on channel 1 is set to 100%, the input value for channel 1 would not come from the MA in this case, but from the chimp.

Best in this scenario would be to start a new empty show on the chimp and use that for the merge.

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