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Software Release V2.0.6 (23-12-2021)

23-12-2021, 11:59 AM #1
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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Version 2.0.6

This software contains a lot of bug fixes in order to improve on stability and reliability.

** Bugfixes **

- Clone Fixture Dialog: Allow to continue when not all source fixtures have destination fixtures assigned
- Color Picker should set auxiliary colors to 0
- Position/color attributes release before dimmer is released completely
- Default Mode when pressing set in Patch View (if nothing else was selected) should be to open Change Address Dialog
- Re-Patching fixtures miscalculates needed addresses in Select Address Dialog
- Patch: Automatic User ID lookup gets set to 1 if User Number Range 9xx has been used already.
- Is Used indicator in Preset Item is not Updated
- Channels column in Patch shows wrong channel counts
- Selecting "No Patch" when adding a Multicell fixtures results in Patch at 1-1
- Adding multiple Instances into a gap in another instances adds second and following instances after the gap
- Tracking + Track thru End does not work
- Editing an existing Cuelist CMD the wrong Cuelist is selected in the Edit Dialog
- Extend Library Auto-Build to Upload Nightly Libraries to Online Library Update Server
- Opening certain windows may crash client (Link Group Fader, Set Name from Edit Group, etc)
- Color Faders not working as expected with RGBxx fixtures
- Recording a range of dotted cues does not work
- BananaWing has wrong fader offset if sidekick is connected to OnPC
- Wrong preset seletion using keypad direct selection (ie. Preset 2.1)
- Programmer Set Value Dialog doesn't trigger buttons correctly
- Library Editor - Ranges seem to be broken
- Cuelist Priorities are only updated after switching off  and restarting the Cuelist
- Renaming a fixture library creates a copy with new name instead of renaming.
- Proportional Range Button has no Text in ProgrammerSetValueDialog
- Editing a Fixture Library Range might duplicate it
- Deleting a Group should not change fixture selection
- Setting Appearance: if no color is set, clicking on the color picker should set the Intensity slider to 100%
- Changing a fixtures User Number does not udpdate sorting in Fixture Pool
- Changed Default Value in Fixture Library is not saved correctly with virtual dimmer fixtures.
- Preset loaded state gets lost when preset is moved.
- Storing Selection into Effect should check if effect parameter is supported by any fixture
- When deleting a Preset, Name, Icon and User Color should be reset.


Touchscreens cannot be calibrated, if an USB Mouse was attached while the console booted. To be able to calibrate your touchscreens:
    o Shutdown the console
    o Unplug the Mouse.
    o Boot the Console
    o Press Infinity + Open + S1 to calibrate the internal screen, or Infinity + Open + S2 to calibrate the secondary screen.
    o After the calibration is done, you may attach keyboard and mouse again.

Fixture Libraries exported from pre-2.x Versions can not be imported using the Import function in the Library Window (Failed to import library file. No file signature found). Please use the following workaround:
    o Import the Fixtures into a pre 2.0 showfile’s show library (e.g., Version 1.12) – this may also be done from within an OnPC
    o Save and export the show. You may now open the Show in Software Version 2.0 and later including the fixtures. From now on, Library Exports and Imports will keep working.

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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