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LAMPY 20 with DONGLE, V 1.03, Magic Sheet and Fixture editor Bug

02-02-2022, 01:21 PM #1
Len Offline Newbie *
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Type of the Desk: LAMPY 20 2U
Software Version: 1.03

No external Display

Connected USB Devices: 3
Networked Devices: Router and NET 2/3 Pocket

Short Description:
1. When adding freshly patched fixtures to one of the magic sheets, when klicking on cancel after selecting a arrangement option, all other/earlier added fixtures will be deleted from the sheet.

2. It's not possible to set the PAN/TILT area in degrees with the encoders in the fixture editor when creating a user fixture (as described in the GB version of the manual, page 87).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Add some fixtures to one of the sheets. Then patch new fixtures, select an arrangement, select the sheet with the other fixtures and when the freshly patched fixtures are shown on the sheet ready to be arranged klick on cancel instead of confirm.

2. Create a new fixture and in the "General Settings" tab of the fixture try to set a PAN/TILT range with the encoders.

Expected Behaviour:
I expect the fixtures on the sheet would not be deleted as it's time consuming if I have to add the fixtures again, especially in larger/bigger setups. Furthermore I wish to set the ranges for PAN/TILT so I can program my moving lights more precisely.

04-02-2022, 03:43 PM #2
denishessberger Offline Posting Freak *****
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Hi There,

Thank you for your bug reports, please make sure to only post one bug per thread in the future Smile

I can not reproduce the MagicSheet bug here, nor the Pan / Tilt issue - does your fixture have Pan and Tilt Channels in the Editor?


07-02-2022, 02:24 PM #3
Len Offline Newbie *
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Hello Denis, thanks for your reply!

First of all, sorry for two bug reports in one thread, I will take notice for possible future threads! 😬

I just tested the issue with the sheets, I still have the problems.
I patch a few fixtures, add them to sheet number one in a linear arrangement - all good. But when I patch a few more fixtures after (not the same type as before tho), click on arrange linear on sheet one, arrange the fixtures but then click on cancel and leave the patch menu by clicking the home button to get to the sheets, all previously added fixtures are deleted and the sheet is empty.

Regarding the PAN/TILT issue, yes, I have PAN and TILT channels. I included a picture I took from the console, there is no option to select PAN and TILT Min/Max via the encoders (as it could be seen in the online tutorials).


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