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Software Release V2.1.0 (22-04-2022)

22-04-2022, 01:09 PM #1
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Version 2.1.0 (April 2022)

* New Features *
- Cue Only record option:
Changes in a cue can be marked to be for a certain cue only.
- Virtual Strobe:
  • Fixtures that only have a Dimmer (virtual or non-virtual) and no Shutter channel, can now also be used with a Virtual Strobe.
  • It adds both the ability for synchronised strobing, as well as random strobe.
- Import csv files to create cuelists that are pre-populated with empty cues. We use the Reaper csv format. Import relies on column headers to match the data to its type.
  • Import of IDs is supported.
  • Import of Cue Name is supported.
  • The following time formats are supported (in Reaper, set the ruler format to one of the following formats prior to exporting the csv):
  • Seconds (will be translated into wait times, relative to the previous cue)
  • Minutes:Seconds (will be translated into wait times, relative to the previous cue)
  • Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames (will be translated into timecode)
  • When the cell is empty, or the timing would be invalid (negative wait time for example), the trigger will be set to Manual Go.
  • Import of Cue Color is supported.
Csv files can only be imported into empty cuelists. To do so, open the Cuelist Pool, press [Edit] on the front panel, and select an empty Cuelist.
- MIDI Input is freely configurable, including faders and more:
  • Added ability to listen to the incoming MIDI and use the last MIDI input signal to define an input trigger.
- DMX Input is freely configurable.
- Automatically start a show:
  • Added the option to ask for a PIN when a show is automatically started.
  • Added the option to start elements in the show file when the show is automatically started.
- Display Library Version (git hash) in client.
- Display Library Release Notes, showing changes since the library version shipped bundled with a software version.
- Store Fader Values in show file (Note: Only the value of the faders is stored, not the playback state of the cuelist).
- New options added to Cue Commands, MIDI, DMX Input, Show Autostart:
  • Added a GoTo option.
  • Added a Go Back (with timing) option, which directly (without pausing) starts the previous cue including fade times.
  • Added MIDI Out commands to send MIDI.
- Enhancements to Magic Sheets:
  • The number of Magic Sheets has been increased to 20.
  • Magic Sheets can be renamed.
  • Renumber Cues with Set button in Cue # column.
  • Added appearance for Cues (Number block Command).
  • Added Color Column in Cuelist View.
  • Added “Tracking” Column to Cuelist View.
  • “Release” will release the tracking for any parameter stored in this cue while respecting the individual fade/delay times.
  • “Break” will prevent any changes made to cues prior to this cue to track into and after the break cue.
  • Added Unblock function (Cuelist Settings), which removes duplicated values (eg. Cue 1 = 50%, Cue 2 = 50%; Cue 2 value would be removed) in an effort to clean up tracking.
- Added Fan Mode Inner and Outer.
- Added a Go - or Back (with timing) to the fader/button options.
- Added Pure Timing Presets (presets that only contain timing that will be referenced in cues).
- Name IT! is switchable between Cue Name and Cuelist Name.
- Added Color Picker Split widget.
- Park function to freeze the output of fixtures.
  • Park Status is not stored in the show file, as we currently have no way to load the values that were frozen into the output again.
  • Park applies to entire fixtures and may be extended in the future.
- Shift + Fan cycles through Fan Modes.
- Show which DMX Universe is sent to which PCB and port.
- Copy Programmer or output status between fixtures (select destination fixtures and then press the Copy Key twice).
- Changed Cuelist concept of “End of Cuelist” to work on both ends of Cuelist.
- Added Virtual Strobe to Library Editor.

* Bugfixes *
- DMX Output window did not show all the labels when modules were overlapping.
- Displayed Channel Count in Patch was wrong if fixture had overlapping instances.
- Output state with unfinished individual timings was wrong.
- Pool Views should not be able to be dragged left or right.
- Moving cuelists did not update magic sheet.
- Record Toolbar Option could not be deselected.
- Patching: When no space was left for a fixture in a universe, the fixture was patched at address 1.1.
- Patching: When patching manually, fixtures should also be patched consecutively onto next universes.
- Patching: Block-patching falsely reserved too many channels for a fixture.
- Patch: Selecting a fixture (from outside the Patch view) should scroll to the selected fixture.
- Pressing Link - Fader / Exec Button - selecting Groups tab crashed client.
- Cues sometimes disappeared when moving them within the same cuelist and reappearing IDs.
- Wrong Cue Move error message.
- If MiB Cue was set to itself, editing the MiB Cell for this Cue crashed the client.
- Cuelist Settings: MiB Always move when dark was not saved or applied as default.
- Presets were falsely flagged as Used in the showfile when moved.
- Playback Options were reset to default when moving or copying a cuelist.
- Fixed fixtures were removed from effects when they were not part of clone source
- Cuelist View was not showing the last stored cue in a long list when recorded while view was scrolled to end.

* Changes *
- Removed Color Text String from Color Column in Cuelist View
- Record Content Selection in Record Toolbar is now a single button which cycles through different modes. Long press will open a popup showing all options.
- HalfSplit: Side Menu should show all buttons instead of pages.
- Change Cuelist concept of “end of Cuelist” to work on both ends of Cuelist, depending on Chaser Playback Order.

- Touchscreens cannot be calibrated if a USB mouse was attached while the console booted. To be able to calibrate your touchscreens:

1. Shutdown the console.
2. Unplug the mouse.
3. Boot the console.
4. Press Infinity + Open + S1 to calibrate the internal screen, or Infinity + Open + S2 to calibrate the secondary screen.
5. After the calibration is done, you may attach keyboard and mouse again.

- Fixture Libraries exported from pre-2.x versions cannot be imported using the Import function in the Library Window (“Failed to import library file. No file signature found”). Please use the following workaround:
1. Import the Fixtures into a pre-2.0 show file’s show library (e.g., Version 1.12) – this may also be done from within Chimp OnPC.
2. Save and export the show. You may now open the show in Software Version 2.0 and later, including the fixtures. From now on, Library Exports and Imports will keep working.

- Due to issues with click handling and flicking in pools, we had to disable flicking. In the meantime, please use the scrollbars for scrolling.

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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