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Store effetcs in presets

21-06-2022, 12:35 PM #1
Len Offline Newbie *
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I would like to have the option to store effects as presets, so they can easily be modified and used in cues.
So for example, if some effects in a touring production won't fit with the new stage, you can simply modify the effect preset and since it's used as a reference, the cue with it would automatically update.
This would be much easier than it's now (load the cue with the effect, load the effect, change some values, store into the existing cue).
Maybe it's possible to get this on the console, just like the other preset pools Big Grin

01-07-2022, 09:13 AM #2
Angelo Offline Moderator *****
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This is possible on this way:

Programm an effect on 8 Phantoms (for example) and record them on an executor.

Then press [EDIT] and select the executor, now you can load the values (press the button on the screen)

Select the other movingheads were you want to copy the effect into.

Go to the EFFECT-page and press twice on the number below 'FIXTURES' 
(in my case it is '8')

You can select now the option 'Store selected fixtures into effect'

On this way you can copy effect from fixtures into other fixtures.

So we cannot store them into Presets, but on this way we have a 'workround' :-)

18-08-2022, 06:38 PM #3
Essay Help Square Offline Newbie *
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