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(onPC, 2.10) Bug Report: Security Issue with Backup Console

23-10-2022, 05:43 PM #1
adrian Offline Newbie *
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Type of the Desk: onPC

Software Version: 2.10

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: Yes

Connected USB Devices: USB Stick

Networked Devices: -

Locked Console can be partially unlocked via connecting as a Backup Console (and fully accessed by the Backup Console for this matter)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Lock Console
2. On the "Backup"-Console connect to Master Console

Expected Behavior:
The Master Console should still be locked and it would be a good idea to deny the connection from the backup console if the master is locked and probably to also implement another security measure (maybe a confirmation at master console or a passphrase) to make it harder to steal a show file or crash a show.

Observed Behavior:
The view before the locking is accessible and can be used, but the buttons to change the view/faders/executers are disabled. Also the Hardware Inputs seem to be disabled, except for the touch input.

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