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Booting Utils

16-04-2023, 04:09 PM #1
slegaris Offline Newbie *
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Hi, I was wondering what are the maintenance utils when booting up the console and how can I access them. 

Also the other day our lampy didnt boot up so we opened it up and found the power supply cable disconnected, after connecting it again we were wondering where is the linux based sys os stored in the lampy. It was a normal computer with a normal motherboard and everything but a part from the DNGL usb stick we didnt found any ssd or hardrive. Can we, the Lampy Users, have an answers about it I would love to create some plugins to better use our controller. TY

29-06-2023, 10:13 AM #2
blesuppose Offline Newbie *
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29-08-2023, 05:09 AM #3
drewbinsky Offline Junior Member **
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Creating plugins for better controller use heic to jpg  sounds like a great idea, and understanding the underlying technology will definitely be helpful in your development process.

28-09-2023, 06:28 AM #4
victorpatrick Offline Junior Member **
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It sounds like a wonderful concept to build plugins for better controller use of heic to jpg, and knowing the underlying technology will help you in the development process. tunnel rush

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