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Software Release V1.00 (the very beginning) and V1.01

18-08-2017, 04:33 PM #1
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To show the history of our Infinity Chimp OS (Operating System) here our first release notes of the software.

                                                                                                     Version 1.00 (21.10.2016)
This is an first release. Please focus testing on overall stability, and bugs.

Known Issues:

 - Link Fader / Executor Dialog not working sometimes
 - Effects do not track in Cuelists
 - Effects cannot be switched off in different Cuelists

                                                                                                       Version 1.01 (11.11.2016)
Showfile Info:
This is the first official released software version. Due to several major changes it will break showfile compatibility with older version. You can downgrade your console at any time to prior software versions, if necessary. From now on any future software release will auto-convert older showfiles to the latest format when opened.

FX Engine Update:
 - Effects are now tracking as well
 - Added Off Effect Type to stop running Effects
 - Added "Off FX" Button and Functionality to Encoder Click Dialog in Programmer
 - Added FX morphing and crossfade engine to smoothly transition between running effects
 - Added Synchronization of FX to Programmer when loading currently running Effects from Cuelists

New Cuelist and Chaser Functionality:
 - Added Speed and Fade Master Fader Options
 - Added new Configuration Options to Chaser and Cuelist Edit Window
 - Added extended Trigger Functions to Chasers
 - Added "Chase Sync to Source" Feature. Updates Chaser Sync Functionality.
 - Added new Master FX Size and Speed Faders
 - Update Speed Master GUI to include "Type" Setting (BPM or Seconds)
 - Added Chaser Mode to Cuelist View Table now showing a different set of columns for Chasers.
 - Added Live Playback Buttons to Cuelist View Table.
 - Update Master Speeds to support BPM and Second settings in Show Setup

Off Toolbar Update:
 - Added Timer to Off Toolbar to autoclose after 30s of inactivity.
 - Updated Buttons in Off Toolbar.

Additional Features and Changes:
 - Added check and user question in case of overwriting existing shows on USB drive during export.
 - Updated “Infinity+Load” Function to figure out real source of current values on stage and load them into Programmer recreating running effects, resolving Presets and Cue Timings
 - Added Double-Click Functionality to Fixture Library Editor Table View
 - Extended Virtual Executor Count on Half Split Window to 64
 - Added Preset Direct Action Function to Programmer
 - Swapped position of "Add more Fixtures" and "Close" button after successful patch.
 - Renamed "Cuelist" Button into "Cues" in Cuelist View Widget
 - Added Hysteresis of 1% to Fader Fetch Mode.

 - Fixed Auto-Switching of Preset Pools
 - Fixed GUI crashing on Link Executor Or Fader Dialog constructor
 - Fixed: Switching between Main Windows might lead to empty Programmer Side Menu
 - Fixed Assign Global Masters on Playback Faders not working.
 - Fixed Programmer Side Menu Color not updating correctly.
 - Several Numberblock Fixes and Extensions
 - Swatchbook update
 - Fixed "Raw Values" Button wasn't initialized when opening Programmer Window.
 - Fixed Insert Cue was able to Create Cue 0 (invalid). Fixed Insert Cue would generate incorrect new Cue number.
 - Fixed Cuelist Priority Buttons not updating correctly.
 - Fixed Bug: "Goto Cue xy" Command not working
 - Fixed rounding error in Dimmer Level Display
 - Fixed rounding Error for Dimmer Values in Programmer Table
 - Fixed Bug in Programmer Side Menu: Setting Menu to Effect and changing Tab forth and back would result in an empty side menu.
 - Fixed Bug in Library Editor: Dimmable Flag could not be changed or set
 - Fixed Switching between Main Windows could sometimes crash the GUI, if a Preset Pool was open in the previous Window.
 - Fixed Executor Info Layout Issues
 - Fixed Export One or more Fixtures from Library not able to select Fixtures
 - Fixed FX sometimes being stuck and continuing to run forever
 - Fixed deleting (or moving away) cues will not update current cue state and show "Error" inside Fader Info
 - Fixed Bug: Effects not using crossfade time when not in first Cue
 - Fixed backend not updating currently running cuelist in live mode when changing Effects in currently running Cue

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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