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Software Release V1.02 (03-02-2017)

18-08-2017, 04:36 PM #1
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Version 1.02 (03.02.2017)

This is a release focussing on bugfixes that have been reported on Version 1.01.
Please let us know any issues you might find.

New Features:
 - Added Cuelist HTP Feature - can be configured in Cuelist Settings Widget
 - Added FX Off RGB,CMY and Pan/Tilt Buttons to Create FX Dialog
 - Added Caps Lock Function to Keyboard Dialog
 - Added "++" and "--" Commands to Commandline for increasing/decreasing selected function level by 10% - usually used by dimmer function.
 - Added Effects Off Toolbar to Programmer to quickly create Off effects for currently running FX

GUI Bugfixes:
 - Fixed Half Split Executor Widget in Playback Window
 - Updates to Fader Info Display: Include FX Size and Speed Master.
 - Fixed minor issues on Cuelist Editor Widget
 - Fixed FX Size/Speed Master Stop/Zero Indicator only appearing when no flash is active
 - Update to External Screen Handling
 - Fixed Question Dialog showing Error Icon on Questions
 - Added Auto Hide for Chimp 100 Info Text about Timecode not being available on this console
 - Chimp 100: Dual Touchscreen Fix
 - Fixed bug not updating Fixture View when switching Shows
 - Fixed LiveData register/unregister bug in Fixture Pool Widget
 - Fixed Create Effect Window  wouldn't allow to Create Custom Off Effect. Changed Name for Off Effect from "None" to "Off"

Backend Changes:
 - Fixed initialization for Chasers: Default Trigger is "60 BPM"
 - Fixed bug combining multiple LTP Effects with Infade < 100%
 - Fixed Bug: Infade Fader scaling Snap Values
 - Fixed Cuelist "Track Thru End" setting not working during playback after second Cue
 - Fixed Timecode Learn Timing and Timecode Playback Bugs
 - Added workaround to "Release at end" Function: If a release time cannot be determined then the total Cue time of the last Cue is used to release a given Cuelist after the last Cue hast been 
 - Several minor Chaser Bugfixes.

Known Issues:
 - "Off if overwritten" will turn off Cuelist, if empty Cues are run or if Cuelists are overwritten by programmer values

AtlaBase Library Changes:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 01.02.2017

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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