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Software Release V1.04 (18-08-2017)

18-08-2017, 04:39 PM #1
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Version 1.04 (18.08.2017)
This is a stable release which focusses on fixing bugs that have been reported on Version 1.03 and several improvements based on user feedback.

 - Added Auto-Release Functions to Fader and Executor Page Directories. When enabled changing pages will automatically release all non-template Cuelists on the last page.
 - "Infinity + Load" Function now also loads Default Values for all selected Fixtures into the Programmer, if no Playback is active
 - "Load Cuelist/Executor/Fader command will now automatically load the first Cue of a Cuelist without prompting the Cue selection window, if only one single Cue is present inside the Cuelist
 - "Infinity + Prev” now selects all Fixtures with Values inside the Programmer
 - Next and Prev buttons will now shift the selected fixture selection pattern when used in "x out of y" selection mode (e.g. "Fixture 1 Thru 3 / 6 Enter")
 - Performance optimizations for the Fixture Live Data Visualization and Main Window Switching
 - Select Button in Cuelist View Window will be auto-disabled, if the window is set to link to the selected Cuelist
 - Changed Cue Display Options to always show Cue Number in front of Cue Name for Executors, Faders and Cuelists
 - Added Auto-Deselect of Programmer Effects, if a new Effect from the pre-defined Effects list is added
 - Changed coloring on Cuelists, Faders and Executors indicating the "Selected" Status for improved visibility
 - Changed Executor Item Font Sizes for Cuelist and Cue Names
 - Added Cuelist LTP High Priority Indicator to Executor and Fader Items (text in the top red corner will become red)
 - Changed "Name It" function when recording into an empty Cuelist: The name entered will now be used to name the first Cue instead of naming the Cuelist
 - When storing into a Fader or Executor the console will automatically choose an empty Cuelist at the end after all other Cuelists. If no empty Cuelist can be found at the end then now the console will do a second search backwards and will use the last empty Cuelist available.
 - Factory library now defaults to "Generic Dimmer 8Bit" instead of "Generic Dimmer 16Bit", when window is opened
 - Cuelist Settings Menu now hiding Timecode Options, if Cuelist is set to Chase mode

 - Fixed Bug: If more than 16 Cuelist were simultaneously active on the same parameters the output priority will not be taken into account correctly resulting in the wrong values being visible
 - Fixed Bug: DMX Input not working on Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 console
 - Fixed Bug: Changing Executor and Fader Pages with Active Cuelists will not Update the Auto-Fixed Cuelists indicator and background color
 - Fixed Bug: Chaser Trigger Menu did select incorrect Sound Trigger on dropdown change
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Fade Master Settings of Master Fade 2 or Master Fade 3 would be interpreted as Fade Master 1 instead
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Settings Menu would not refresh Effect Size and Speed Master Drop Downs correctly in some cases
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Settings Menu did not apply Fade Master Settings correctly in Cuelist Mode
 - Fixed Bug: Using the Color Picker to control HSI Fixtures would sometimes calculate incorrect HSI values or visualize values incorrectly on screen
 - Fixed Bug: Invalid Pause/Back and Go behaviour in some situations

AtlaBase Library:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 17.08.2017

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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