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Software Release V1.05 (03-11-2017)

03-11-2017, 05:40 PM #1
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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Version 1.05 (03.11.2017)
This is a stable release introducing "Move in Black" as a major new feature as well as adding several smaller improvements based on user feedback. 
 - Added new functionality to Cuelist Table for "Move In Black" functions
 - Added new column in Fixture Library Editor Channel Tab to configure MiB Mode for each individual Fixture Parameter
 - Added new function to Cuelist Table for triggering remote actions when Cue is launched
 - Added new default MIB Fade and Delay Timing to Show Setup Timing Menu
 - Added new Commandline Function "Off + Intensity/Position/Color..." to release selected Functions from Programmer for selected Fixtures
 - Added new Commandline Function "Load + Intensity/Position/Color..." to load selected Functions into Programmer for selected Fixtures
 - Added LED Feedback on Highlight, Fan, Blind and Clear LED
 - Added new Cuelist Function to renumber all Cues to full Cue numbers
 - Delete mode "Delete All" now deletes the selected memory and all other executors and faders linked to it
 - Numberblock Cue Addressing has been changed. "Cue 1.1" now equals "Cue 1.100", "Cue 1.01" = "Cue 1.010" etc.
 - Fixed bug not restoring Playback Window correctly, when opened through numberblock Edit/Open->Cuelist command
 - Fixed bug not correctly showing current Outfade Time within the Cuelist Edit window for a newly created Cuelist
 - Fixed bug for Saturation Encoder in Color Picker and Color Fader Window: Saturation encoder could result in negative saturation value leading to invalid colors
 - Fixed Timecode bug: A newly created Cuelist with Timecode Cues wouldn't accept timecode without configuration update or re-opening the showfiles
 - Fixed Midi Input bug: "Enabled Midi Input" Checkbox didn't do anything. Midi Input was always enabled.
AtlaBase Library Changes:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 02.11.2017

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Best regards,  Ron

06-11-2017, 09:01 AM #2
sneaker Offline Member ***
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nice to read, please add the download link on the highlite website
best regards

06-11-2017, 04:12 PM #3
Harald Offline Moderator *****
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Hi Sneaker,

Here is the download-link.
it is on our website www.highlite.nl

Please click:

Please select: Document Downloads

Best regards

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