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25-09-2019, 08:35 PM #1
Steve_Mutter Offline Thomas Dörrer ***
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Hello Guys,

I've downloaded the OnPc and made myself a little smart.
The OnPc allows the output of 2 DMX universes in conjunction with the Banana Wing.
I wonder what that makes sense.
For pre-programming the OnPC is completely useless as long as you do not want to put the Wing into the office every time.
And the next Question is if i connect the Wing to the OnPc is ArtNet Output available or will be some Adapters needed?
In the future is planned that maybe a kind of dongle or license code is brought out to make preprogramming in the office possible? I'm pretty disappointed because I've been waiting for the OnPc only for that reason.
At this point there is an Issue with mounting USB Sticks so at the moment im not able to open any Show.
I posted a thread in the Bug section for this.


27-09-2019, 06:36 PM #2
TS-Sound Offline Newbie *
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apreciate the on PC version, but I am verry dissapointed as well that I have to buy a Bannana Wing for preprogramming in the office. Would be good that at least a PC  internal Artnet connetion to a vitualization progam is possible.
As it is now It is waste recource Sad

Kind regards

06-10-2019, 01:10 PM #3
mleivarayman Offline Junior Member **
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Angry Huh Sad I totally agree with Ts-Sound's comment, you get an onpc without a visualizer and you also say that it can be run on both windows and Mac, and the truth is that doing things in trumpets is not the way to work If a product is removed, it is so that it is fully functional and not in this way. Greetings


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