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How to report Bugs

11-09-2020, 02:01 PM #1
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Before posting a bug, please use the search function. If you find a similar post, please answer to that; otherwise create a new post as follows:

Thread Title:

“(xx, yyy) Bug Report: zzz” where xx is the desk type (LAMPY 20, LAMPY 40, DONGLE YES/NO) yyy is the software version and zzz is a brief description of the bug.

Post body:

Type of the Desk:

Software Version:

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?:

Connected USB Devices:

Networked Devices:

Short Description of the Bug

Steps to reproduce:
How to Reproduce the bug

Expected Behavior:
What do you expect?

Observed Behavior:
What is actually happening?

Additional Information

We would like that you upload the showfile in your thread and instructions for repeating a problem whenever possible.

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