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advanced tracking
tracking feature is very powerful, an it works great, but there are some missing feature that should be added :

-BREAK option ->selectable flag for the cue that say to chimp "hey, this is last cue following this sets of tracked cue, the next will tracking nothing".
in this way we can program new stage look from scratch .

example:  ----   |DIMMER|     R     |     G     |    B    |
--------------cueN  |   255    |   100   |    255   |   30   | <-BREAK
----------cueN+1  |   ----    |    ----   |    -----   |   --    | <-HERE WE CAN STORE NEW VALUES

-CUE ONLY option -> Another flag for cues. cues with this flag enabled should ignore tracking from previous cue ,but restore it in the next one.

example:  ----   |DIMMER|     R     |     G     |    B    |
------------cue1  |   255    |   100   |    255   |   30   | <-STORED VALUE
------------cue2  |   127    |   255   |    0       |   70   | <-CUE ONLY
-----------cue3   |   255     | 100    |    255    |    30   | <-RESTORE TRACKING FROM CUE 1

Is important to see what's inside a cue.
this window could be table based view with heads on row and parameters on column (e.g. tables written in this post).
ability to change cue contents working on this table without load all cue in programmer.

every parameter on this cue content windows should be colored differently : e.g.
green->values is higher  than previous one.
red->values is lower than previous one.
magenta ->values tracked.
blue->cue only.
Hi Gabe,

Break tracking may be added in the next release.

The Cue Content and Tracking View will not be added in the next release; however they are already on our to-do list as well.


So good, thanks for answers and thanks to listen our needs.
Hope new release will be ready for download soon!!
It will still take some time, we aim to release a stable version that is well thought through, rather than a buggy version that nobody understands Smile

Developing has slowed down due to COVID as well, however as soon as we are in a state that we can show something, we'll let everyone know Wink

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