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MIDI Control

15-08-2018, 04:18 PM #1
Stagelightteam Offline Junior Member **
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Hi, I would like to control the executors with Novation launchpad pro.
Is it possible?
Will the chimp send out data through midi out?

28-11-2018, 08:48 PM #2
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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Hi Stagelight Team,

the executors can be controlled by MIDI notes:
note 0 - 59 = executors 1 to 10 from page 1 to 6
note 60 - 91 = virtual executors 1 to 32
note 100-102 = tapsync from speed masters 1 to 3
note 103 - 105 = tapsync from fade masters 1 to 3

so if you can send these notes from your Novation Launchpad, then it will work perfectly.

MIDI thru will forward all MIDI signals which are present in the MIDI input.
MIDI out will send midi timecode, generated from the Chimp if activated.

hope this info helps

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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