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Touchscreen failure?

18-03-2019, 01:52 PM #1
MSchimmer Offline Junior Member **
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Hi, we bought a chimp (used by cuesale), touchscreen reponse is not good.
We need to trigger on some points realy often to get a response.
Calibrating has done, but that doesnt fix the problem

20-03-2019, 08:04 PM #2
Ron Offline Administrator *******
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Hi MSchimmer,

as the Chimp has a resistive touchscreen, this type of screen needs a bit more force compared to your iPad or smartphone (= capasitive touchscreen).

so don't be too soft on the screen, as long as you are not using pointy objects as a touch object.

if you think the screen indeed isn't performing as it should, then post a video on here to show the actual problem?
also I suggest to get in contact with Cuesale and ask them to return the console for a checkup.

Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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