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Unresponsive touch screen

30-05-2018, 01:28 PM #1
iluke Offline Junior Member **
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Hi Everyone

I had a problem with unresponsive touch screen. Calibration was working but I couldn't do anything by touchscreen.
I was thinking that it could be software error because when I was starting console in home my Cat sat down on keyboard. I was pretty sure that he did something with keys combination Tongue  But I also checked place of contact touch screen with casing. I couldn't find anything! I was calling for technical support, tryed to reinstal software and nothing was helping. But one more time I checked contact place. This time using small paint brush. And I felt that there is something between screen and casing. It was a grain of sand!!   If you will have problems with touchscreen, look for it!

A few more attempts and I would kill that cat   Wink

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