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Software Release V1.02 (09-04-2021) - Ron - 14-04-2021

**                        Version 1.02 (09.04.2021)                      **
FIX: Fan-Function can not be used if a Preset is selected for fixtures in programmer
FIX: Deactivating Values crashes Server
FIX: Predefined Color FX add every Color Attribute, even if it does not exist for selected fixtures
FIX: Effect Editor: Duty Cycle, Grouping, Symmetric and Direction show up on Encoders as "Fannable"
FIX: Renaming Library or Showfiles after exporting results in them not being importable again.
FIX: AverPTZ Utility Discovery may crash Client
FIX: Lampy Keyboard Layout is not saved
FIX: Off Values crashes Server
FIX: Internal Screen DMX Output View Only showing 0's
FIX: Encoders may show up fannable, even if the Parameter is not fannable
FIX: Optimized Graphics Performance
FIX: Magic Sheet Rectangle-Selection cascading fixture selection commands to Server
FIX: Effect Keypads missing Point Button
FIX: Keypad "Minus" swaps from negative to positive value
FIX: Fixed an issue where long Cuelists would not be copied.

RE: Software Release V1.02 (09-04-2021) - denishessberger - 15-04-2021

We have identified an issue with external screens which has been fixed this morning.
Version 1.02 will be removed from the Highlite Website and Online Update function and a new Version 1.03 will be uploaded very soon.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.