Software Release V1.02 (09-04-2021)
**                        Version 1.02 (09.04.2021)                      **
FIX: Fan-Function can not be used if a Preset is selected for fixtures in programmer
FIX: Deactivating Values crashes Server
FIX: Predefined Color FX add every Color Attribute, even if it does not exist for selected fixtures
FIX: Effect Editor: Duty Cycle, Grouping, Symmetric and Direction show up on Encoders as "Fannable"
FIX: Renaming Library or Showfiles after exporting results in them not being importable again.
FIX: AverPTZ Utility Discovery may crash Client
FIX: Lampy Keyboard Layout is not saved
FIX: Off Values crashes Server
FIX: Internal Screen DMX Output View Only showing 0's
FIX: Encoders may show up fannable, even if the Parameter is not fannable
FIX: Optimized Graphics Performance
FIX: Magic Sheet Rectangle-Selection cascading fixture selection commands to Server
FIX: Effect Keypads missing Point Button
FIX: Keypad "Minus" swaps from negative to positive value
FIX: Fixed an issue where long Cuelists would not be copied.
Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

We have identified an issue with external screens which has been fixed this morning.
Version 1.02 will be removed from the Highlite Website and Online Update function and a new Version 1.03 will be uploaded very soon.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

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