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Hello everybody,

I got my Lampy 40 last week.
Unfortunately I have to find out that some fixtures don't work,
For us it concerns the following fixtures:

Stairville CLB 4 in 14 channel mode (included in 7 channel mode) we need 14 channel mode,

Cameo MultiPar COB 1 17 channel mode

lightmaXX VEGA HALO 90

Varytec Hero Spot 90

The Atlabase database contains you.
Please improve there.

We bought the Lampy 40 2 U because the advertising promised a lot and we wanted to get away from a PC version that kept crashing.
Basically the Lampy 40 is great, but if our fixtures don't work in the Lampy, then the desk is not an alternative for us and we have to return it.

A Chimp 100 is just not in our budget, we are a small band and 2500 € for a lighting desk is quite a number.
Could you realize that these fixtures are available in the Lampy 40?

Thank you
Unfortunately, my English is not that good and I had it translated with Google Translator

Hi Sascha,

as I mentioned to you on Facebook these fixtures do not exist in the Factory Library of the LAMPY as it does not support fixtures that use the same parameter multiple times, as is the case for all of these fixtures. I suggest either breaking them down into smaller fixture Libraries, so for example for the Stairville CLB 4 it would be 1 Dimmer fixture, 4 RGB Fixtures and one Strobe fixture per CLB 4.
For the Hero Spot for example it has dual dimmer channels (which in LAMPY is possible as there is a Dimmer 2 Attribute) but it also has 2 Shutter / Strobe channels, which again is not possible due to aforementioned issue. I recommend you to write the fixture file quickly on the console and map the second strobe to a different parameter.


I have made a Fixture file for the Varytec Hero Spot 90 (16 Channels), copy this file onto a USB
stick in the map: showtec\library and import it into the fixture-library with the fixture editor.

Attached Files
.fixlib   Varytec_Spot90(16CH).fixlib (Size: 2,2 KB / Downloads: 16)

Lampy Fixture-file for the Lightmaxx VEGA Halo 90 (23CH)

Attached Files
.fixlib   LightMaxx_Halo90(23CH).fixlib (Size: 1,42 KB / Downloads: 7)

We have identified an issue in the software where files can not be imported again if they have been renamed after export.

In order to be able to import these fixtures please rename the .fixlib files as indicated:

Lightmaxx Halo should be renamed to USER_2021.02.11_11.04.03.fixlib
Varytec Spot90 should be renamed to USER_2021.02.11_09.51.08.fixlib

Also, I am moving this thread into the Library Sub-Forum, however I'll leave a shadow copy here as this is multicell related.

The ability to assign parameters multiple times would be great! 
I'm having the issue with ETC Source Four LED 2 Lustr and with Cameo Pixbar 600 pro.


Ok I seem to have misunderstood Denis, today I've tried to get pixelmapping on my LED bars to work by splitting it into separate fixtures.
I've created 12 fixtures with 72 channels each, of which 6 channels are assigned and the rest is empty.
In my mind I was thinking I could patch multiple fixtures to one DMX address (because the assigned channels do not overlap) and have my 12 pixels that way. Of course that doesn't work because it won't let me assign multiple fixtures to one address.
What did I get wrong and how can I fix it? Smile



Hi Ryan,

in order to patch a fixture with multiple same attributes it is the best to split this fixture down into smaller fixtures - for example for a pixelbar with common dimmer, strobe and effects channel, but 10 individual RGB pixels I'd create fixtures and patch it in the following way:

1st Fixture on the console: "Main" consists of the Common Dimmer, Shutter and Effect channel. Then after, assuming each Pixel is RGB only, I would patch 10 Generic RGB Fixtures.

This is exactly the issue as described in this topic.


Doh! Ok, I know what I did wrong... Makes sense now!  Tongue


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