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Posted by: jiraporn66 - Yesterday, 10:45 AM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
[Image: 6a41c56820757e925e74427792494dbb.th.jpg]

The Fed cuts the queue in the middle of next year, sending the sig to raise interest rates faster than before.

The US FederalReserve's (Fed) monetary policy committee meeting on September 22 is one of the most eye-catching investors. Toclarify the reduction in bond purchases under quantitative easing (QE) after the Fed previously signaled that it wouldShaolinstart cutting limits this year, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said after the meeting that A reduction in the bond purchase limit could occur as soon as the next meeting is scheduled for 2-3 November and will be completed around the middle of next year.

However, the Fed chair stressed that lower buying restrictions and the speed of bond buying did not directly signal a policy rate hike. It is not expected to raise interest rates before the bond reduction process is complete.

That day's meeting also unanimously kept interest rates at 0-0.25% and continued to buy $120 billion in bonds and securities a month.

in key economic figures The Fed lowered its GDP forecast for this year to 5.9 percent from 7% last year due to the impact of the new wave of COVID-19 next year. previous event

The U.S. unemployment rate in August was 5.2%, although it was lower than April 2020, which was 14.8% during the COVID-19 outbreak, but 3.5 higher than the February 2020 pre-epidemic. at 3.5%, so the Fed will keep the interest rate unchanged until the Fed's estimate of the full employment rate.

The Fed's unemployment rate next year is expected to be 3.8%, unchanged from the previous rate. The inflation forecast for next year has shifted from 2.1% to 2.2%, up from the previous forecast. Inflation in the past 12 months through July was 4.2%, above the Fed's target of 2%, but is likely to be temporary.

For the trend of raising interest rates, when looking at the dot plot or forecasts of individual Fed members, this time the sound is divided in half. On the matter of suitability to start moving up next year Getting half the board's support for next year's rate hike means it's raising rates faster than expected. From the old perspective it should be in 2023.

about debt problems "Evergrand", chairman of the Chinese real estate giant Fed, said it appeared to be a specific problem for China. It is unlikely to pose a risk to large banks in both the US and China. He didn't think it would affect global financial conditions.

Powell also urged Congress to raise the debt ceiling as soon as possible. so that the United States can pay its debts. Expanding the debt ceiling is important. Failure to expand will have serious consequences for the economy and financial markets. The US should not default on its debts.

Posted by: mkostas - 27-09-2021, 12:14 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
As you can see in the video in the follow link ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JZxwttm...sp=sharing ) there is a bug while i'm trying to create an effect and replace the effect fixtures. 
Desk: Chimp 100G2 Tourpack
Software Version: 2.05
Step 1. Select Fixture (in my case is a multifixture)  
Step 2. Add a Dimmer Pulse Effect
Step 3. Deselect the 1st Module of multifixture
Step 4. Store the Selected fixtures into effect

now you will see that the first module is keeping the effect and dont release it even if you will clear the programmer. 
the only way to stop doing this is to reboot the console. 
i also tried to Restart User Interface ([Infinity] + [Open] + [S4]) but nothing changed.
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Posted by: Sebastian R. - 21-09-2021, 09:52 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions

Is there a way to have two Monitors for the onPC Virtual Machine?

VMWare requires the installation of the VMWare tools to be able to get two monitors, but without root on the system that would be difficult to install.

Two monitors would be handy to have the Main Screen on one and the "physical" UI on the other.

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Posted by: MOE - 21-09-2021, 09:45 AM - Forum: LAMPY Fixture Libraries
Hi, I have a question
I have the Lampy 20
For a school

Have various lamps
1. Showtec Performer Fresnel 1500
2. Showtec ACT Profile 50ww
3. Showtec ACT PC 60 RGBW
4. Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW
5. Showtec PAR 18Q4
6. Beamz LCB 155 RGBWAUV

I created the fixture by myself because it was not in the fixture database
These 3 work´s
1. Showtec compact PAR 18Q4  
2. Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 ww
3. Showtec ACT Profiles 50 ww

Maybe someone has a fixture for the others
Lamps ??
1. Beamz LCB 155 RGBWAUV  (77 Channel Mode)
2. Showtec ACT PC 60 RGBW (11 Channel Mode )
3. Showtec Performer Fresnel 1500 (20 Channel mode )

I hope someone can help me
Best regards Sascha
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Posted by: denishessberger - 09-09-2021, 12:50 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Software Version: 2.0.5
OnPC / Chimp 100 / Chimp 300

Steps to reproduce

- Start a new Show
- Add and Patch a Futurelight EYE-7 HCL in Standard Mode
- Select the Fixture
- Go to Programming Screen
- In Programmer, select the Color Attribute Group
- Change to Color Faders
- Move Blue Fader up and down, then green Fader Up and Down, then Red Fader Up to 100%

Expected Behaviour: 
The Color Picker sets the Red Channel to 100%

Observed Behaviour:
The Color Picker sets the green channel to 100%

Additional Information:

Setting all RGB Faders to 100 % should output:

Red: 100%
Amber 0%
Lime: 0%
Green: 100%
Blue: 100% 

but it outputs

Red: 0%
Amber 100%
Lime: 0%
Green: 25%
Blue: 100%
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Posted by: Angelo - 08-09-2021, 04:07 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Type desk: Chimp 300.G2

Software version: V2.0.5

Connected USB-device: None

Networked devices: None

Description: When changing the Default-values of a RGBW-Module in a Multi-fixture to 0 (Red/Green/Blue/White) the first channel is not changed (in this case RED)

Steps to reproduce: Patch an iM2515 or IFX640 and go to the Module-editor, in the editor select all the default values from the RGBW-module (they are on 255) and change them to 0.

The first channel stays on 255 and is not editable.

Expected behaviour: All the RGBW-Default values should change to the value given.

Observed behaviour: Only the first channel is not changed or editable in the RGBW-Module, this does not only relate to the Default
Values but also on the Highlight / DMX-max etc.

Noticed that this error is also in the 4 Channel Helix (the 6 Channel version works)

Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:31 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
I would like to have the option to have an virtual Fader on the magic screen, so I can control cue lists like Fog Intensity or so without blocking an physical fader.
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Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:27 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
 maybe is it possible to set the Masters to predefined Values? For example: My Speed Master is set to BPM mode and I will set him to 128 bpm by tap an executer. Maybe its possible to do it with the CMD feature.
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Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:19 AM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Chimp 300 g1 V2.05
If I want to color a border from a cue list, I can't pic a color with the colorpicker. If I choose a predefined color on the right side, everything works fine. After choosing a predefined I can also pic a color by the colorpicker.
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Posted by: Angelo - 08-09-2021, 10:14 AM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Type desk: Chimp 300.G2

Software version: V2.05

External display: No

Connected USB-device: None

Networked devices: None

Description: Using the LINK-key causes a blackscreen and goes to startup-screen

Steps to reproduce: Press the LINK-key followed by an Executor-key or Fader-key and select the GROUP-option.

Expected behaviour: When pressing the LINK-key followed by an Executor or Fader-key should link the Group to the Fader or Executor (group-selector)

Observed Behaviour: When pressing the LINK-key followed by an Executor or Fader-key a selection is available (Cuelist / Groups),
When selecting a Cuelist it works good, when selecting the GROUP-button on the screen then the Chimp goes black and restarts in the Startup-screen and goes then back to the programmer.

Tapping on the screen for selecting the Fader or Executor instead of the LINK-key and then select the Group-option works.
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