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Posted by: dymondaudio - 09-06-2023, 06:33 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions
What is meant by fixtures instances? For example when I try to patch the QTX Light C-Bar in 26 channel mode it says there are 5 instances and puts it on 1-25 even though that channel is already in use.  
When I patch multiples of that fixture it puts them all on 1-25???
Every other fixtures shows one instance and patches correctly.

Posted by: Mathieu95 - 07-06-2023, 05:00 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions
[font='inherit', serif]Hallo,[/font]
[font='inherit', serif]ich habe mal eine Frage.[/font]
[font='inherit', serif]Hat jemand von euch das Banana Wing in ein Chimp 100 case verbaut? Wenn ja bitte mal erklären. Gerne auch eine alternative mit Bildschirm.[/font]
[font='inherit', serif]Das gleiche auch mit der SideKick Variante. Bin am überlegen das auch in ein Chimp 100 Case zu verbauen. [/font]
[font='inherit', serif]Danke für eure Hilfe.[/font]

Posted by: DJDannyNL - 06-06-2023, 06:23 AM - Forum: LAMPY General Questions
Dear readers
I am looking to buy a Lampy 20 or 40 but I have a question.

Its about de MFF.
I have seen the many video's but can't find it.

Now I am using avolites pc software but I want not to use a pc anymore.
There I was programm chases on the playbacks (I know the Lampy can that also) But can I programm chases on the MFF? And can I set the faderd to set the speed of the chases?

Is it posible to programm a button to set as tempo tap button?

And is it posible to set a fader like MFF to use with a smokemachibe or hazer then how more open the fader the more smoke?

I have always used Avolites (rent) but I want a own dmx console. The avolites can do this but is to expensive for me and then some people
advice the lampy (or chimp)


Posted by: ziyyara91 - 02-06-2023, 07:15 AM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases
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Posted by: annajohns433 - 23-05-2023, 08:47 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions
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Posted by: KajKelderman - 02-05-2023, 04:50 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
I'm running 12 showtec performer rgbal fixtures.
In the color screen i can adjust all seperate colors but in color picker and swatchbook the parameters of color LIME, ar not running.  So in swatch book a lee 203 for instance becomes light purple.
I've looked into fixture patch, that's seems not te be the problem.
Can anyone help with that?

Thanks! Greets Kaj

Posted by: keilsi87 - 19-04-2023, 11:39 AM - Forum: Chimp General Questions

i have SGM p5 and the problem that i cant connect the SGm with Wdmx to the Chimp 100 g2

is there something what i have to observe ? 

best regards

Posted by: slegaris - 16-04-2023, 04:09 PM - Forum: LAMPY General Questions
Hi, I was wondering what are the maintenance utils when booting up the console and how can I access them. 

Also the other day our lampy didnt boot up so we opened it up and found the power supply cable disconnected, after connecting it again we were wondering where is the linux based sys os stored in the lampy. It was a normal computer with a normal motherboard and everything but a part from the DNGL usb stick we didnt found any ssd or hardrive. Can we, the Lampy Users, have an answers about it I would love to create some plugins to better use our controller. TY

Posted by: Ron - 03-04-2023, 10:53 AM - Forum: LAMPY Software Releases
This list is preliminary as of 3nd of April 2023 for version 1.9.3 (f7f669e5) and may change without further notice.
Please note that this is a preview version of the upcoming Lampy 2.0 software. Some features may not be implemented yet or do not work as expected and you may find bugs which hinder your workflow or may even be show critical. We do not take responsibility for any issues that affect a show that this software version is used on. However, please report those issues to us using the link provided above.
We will not increase version numbers with every nightly build, but instead we’ll increase them as we see fit with new features provided. However the text in the brackets points us to the exact version of the code that an update has been built with, so please make sure to include it.
You may downgrade to the Release Version 1.04 at any time but shows saved with this early access release are not compatible with the previous release version. So do not to backup your shows before updating the console.
How to give feedback
This time around we are using https://showtec-lampy.nolt.io for feedback.
Please make sure to enter all your feedback there. They also have a nice mobile version of the board, so it should be a lot more comfortable than google sheets. Please refrain from posting bugs / feature requests in skype, whatsapp, facebook groups or messenger or other means of communication.
New Versioning Scheme
We have changed the version number scheme to semantic versioning, meaning Lampy version numbers will look like “x.y.z. (aabbcc32)”
X is the major version number which will be increased only when major changes are introduced (such as Multicell and the UI-Rewrite in v2).
Y is the minor version number which will be increased when features are added.
Z is the “Bugfix” portion of the user number which will be increased when the release only contains bugfixes or as we see fit.
The text in the brackets points us to a specific version of the code an update has been built with.
Please make sure to include the full version number, for example Version 1.9.3 (f7f669e5) in your feedback

New Features (since 1.04)
All-New and better performing User Interface
• Multi-Touch support
• Multi-Cell Fixture support
o Fixture Items show Main. Sub UserID if more than one sub fixture exists for
o Double clicking on an instance selects / deselects all other instances of this
• Long-Press on empty item records the item
• Long Press on Pool Items (Group, Preset, Fixture) and Playbacks opens a context
• Fixture Items always show Dimmer Value in Dimmer Bar
• If a Fixture only has Pan / Tilt but no other visualizable info, display Pan / Tilt
visualization differently in Pool Item
• Sliders now display a tooltip with the slider value while being dragged
• Better support for external screens (no fixed resolution, better touch / hot-plug
• Magic Sheet editing is now done using a toolbar after switchting the Magic Sheet View
into edit mode using the context menu
New CIE Color Picker
o Color conversion for up to 7 LED Colors
o Encoders in color picker can now cycle between different color modes for
o Emitter coordinates need to be set in fixture library for the conversion to work
perfectly, however we have pre-defined values in case this information is
missing. It is advised though to measure the brightness of each color and enter
the values into the fixture library’s Color Mixing data (Color Mixing button in
Library Editor).
Fixture Library and Editor
• New Atlabase Multicell Library
• Added many new Attributes to Function Database
• Updated Encoder Mapping for these new Parameters
• Proportional Ranges: Proportional Ranges are used to compose a range of values into
another range of values and may contain a prefix and suffix to display such, ie for
Strobe Frequency
• All new MultiCell Library Editor
• Add xyY editing for additive color mixing systems
• Playback Faders Dimmer Priority can now also be set to HTP
• Playbacks with only one cue can now be moved / copied to scenes and executors
• Renumber Cues with Double Click in the Cue # column
• Added Go-To Function to Cuelist View
• Changed cuelist concept of "End of Cuelist" to work on both ends of a Chaser
• Template page can temporarily be disabled in Show Settings -> Ui Settings
• Shift + Master Go cycles through Playback Pages in forward order; Shift + Master
Pause/Back in backwards order
• Long Press on the Playback Page button will go to the previous page
Virtual Dimmer and Virtual Strobe
• Implement Virtual Strobe
o Fixtures that do only have a dimmer (virtual or not-virtual) but no Shutter
channel, can now also add a virtual strobe
o It adds both the ability for synchronized strobing, as well as random strobe
o Add Virtual Strobe to the library editor
• Changes to Virtual Dimmer
o Virtual Dimmer now also supports fixtures with HSI and CMY as well as CIE
o If a Fixture has multiple color mixing Systems, RGBxx is preferred for Virtual
Dimmer over any of the others.
o Virtual Dimmer now also supports all other Additive Mixing Colors
Other Changes
• Added auxiliary LED colors to fixture item preview representation
• Reworked MagicSheet Edit Mode
• Context Dialog should show only one button to enable/disable magic sheet
• Added a Virtual Keyboard with switchable Layouts
• Groups now indicate if they contain fixtures in the current selection (in parts or fully)
• When no fixtures are selected, the first press on a Preset will select all fixtures in that
• After booting, the previous opened show will be started automatically
o Add option to ask for a PIN when a show is autostarted
• Fader Values are now stored in showfile (Note: Only the value of the faders, not the
playback state of the cuelists is stored)
• Top Toolbar Button size has been increased for easier usability
• Long Press on MFF Mode Button will go back to the previous page
• Desklock Passwords are no longer limited to numbers
• Commands
o Pressing Delete repeatedly will cycle through delete Modes
o Pressing Record repeatedly will cycle through record Modes
• Added Lampy Re-Load4
o Only the dongle will unlock network data output
o Change the maximum Number of Universes to 6
Bugfixes (since 1.04)
• Position/color attributes release before dimmer is released completely
• Move In Black starts FX even if a fixture is not yet dark
• Effects running in the wrong direction
• Copying Preset onto existing Preset does not properly update reference values that are
being output
• Deleting Fixtures from a group could result in wrong selection states
• Preset loaded state gets lost when preset is moved.
• Storing Selection into Effect should check if the effect parameter is supported by any
• When deleting a Preset: Name, Icon, and User Color should be reset
• Performance: Fixture selection event is always emitted with server event, even if the
selection does not change
• Group selection state was not updated when group was moved while selected
• Fixed an issue that caused high Server Ram usage after parsing fixture library
• Clicking on a magic sheet label alters programmer selection order, if some of the label
items were previously selected
• Library: CIE xy default should be D65 white
• Library: CIE Intensity and HSI Intensity default should be 100%
• Selection order previewed in magic sheet does not match resulting order in
programmer selection
• Some multicell fixtures had wonky patch behaviour
- 2

Posted by: alexandergroot - 29-03-2023, 05:06 PM - Forum: LAMPY Feature Requests
Is it possible to get RDM into the Lampy? Would be nice to skip the ladder Smile