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Posted by: denishessberger - 11-09-2020, 02:01 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Before posting a bug, please use the search function. If you find a similar post, please answer to that; otherwise create a new post as follows:

Thread Title:
“(xx, yyy) Bug Report: zzz” where xx is the desk type (Chimp100, Chimp300 or OnPC) yyy is the software version and zzz is a brief description of the bug.

Post body:

Type of the Desk:
Software Version:
External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?:
Connected USB Devices:
Networked Devices:

Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used.
List any errors reported by the software.

We would like that you upload the showfile in your thread and instructions for repeating a problem whenever possible.

For bugs related to the OnPC please also include the following additional information:

Operating System:
Computer Specs:
VmWare Version:

Posted by: denishessberger - 10-09-2020, 08:57 PM - Forum: News
Hello everyone!

We have made some structural changes in the forum to make it more easy to navigate and find the right category to post your question or feedback. We'll continue to improve the forum within the next few days.

No posts have been deleted, I'm just working on sorting them into the right sections at the moment. You can see your own posts using your profile or the search function.



Posted by: gabe - 08-09-2020, 10:58 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
Hi, encoders are important part in lighting desk, are extremely useful to trigger any sort of parameter without editing it using too many taps or edit key.
In chimp, encoders are used only in the programmer.
So my request is to get sw ready to listen for encoders also in other window.
For example:
in the magic sheet-> start x,start y, end x,  end y when moving obj;
                           ->zoom, scroll x,scroll y ,scroll Pages while not in edit

In the playback    ->first 4 coloumn of the Table starting from selected one..

And so on...
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Posted by: Felix - 27-08-2020, 05:07 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions

I would like to work with faders "memory" and faders "fixtures" on the CHIMP300
But when I place one device on a playback fader, and I want to use the same device on another playback fader, the device disappeared from the first one...

Some help? Or does the console work like this?


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Posted by: gabe - 03-08-2020, 10:21 PM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
The on-pc version is available since v 1.10, and it's extremely helpful for patching and layout creation, but it's become useless if you want to pre-program your show.
We really need a way to connect chimp_on_pc to main visualizer sw.
-the idea will be create your own protocol and ask to implement it in (capture-wysiwyg-lightworks-etc).
-another idea can be create a piece of software to install next to on_pc (something like connectivity driver).
 waiting for answer, regards..Gabe
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Posted by: eirikhelgesen - 17-06-2020, 01:15 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
Will the new GDTF share be compatible with the next software release?
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Posted by: Angelo - 16-06-2020, 03:21 PM - Forum: Chimp Fixture Libraries
Chimp Fixture file for JB Systems Challenger BSW (20 Channels)

Posted by: Clearlighter - 09-06-2020, 05:51 AM - Forum: Chimp Tips and Tricks
Hi all,
I was wondering when recording or updating a cue if there was a button or function in the Chimp 100 or 300 (software version 1.11) to select what type of record you are trying to achieve. For a better explanation, here is an example of what I’m referring to:
I am recording or have recorded in tracking mode and we go back through a sequence and the director or lighting designer has decided they want to make one light change color for one cue only for a particular effect that they have just decided on the spur of the moment. How do I record or update this cue so that it only makes the change for this cue only, without then tracking through to the rest of the cues?
And vice versa if I was recording in Cue Only Mode and wanted to track an update of something through a series of cues?
I hope that explains what I am trying to do well enough. I am very new to the Chimp and have more of a background with ETC consoles. Hopefully there are also some people who are familiar with ETC consoles as well as Chimp, that might know what I am trying to do with this record/update function.
Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 07-05-2020, 03:12 PM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
When you have e.g. 8 Moving Heads in a line, the FAN CENTER function works perfect
for spreading the light over the stage widht by fanning the PAN from the middle to the outsides,
because PAN values of leftsided moving heads are decreased while PAN values of rightsided moving heads are increased.

But there is no possibility to spread the light from the back of the stage to the front of the stage by fanning the TILT values
where the centered moving heads remain in the back an the further away the moving heads are from the middle position on the truss,
the further the light should shine to the front of the stage. If you try that with the FAN CENTER function, the left sided moving heads
decrease their TILT to shine further to the back, while the right sided moving heads increase their TILT values to shine further to the front.

I think of an additional FAN CENTER MIRROR function, where the values are still fanned from the center position, but both fixture selection parts 
(leftside / rightside) have the same sign (+ / -) for the change of the parameter value (PAN / TILT / FOCUS, etc.).
And this method for fanning values would also be very useful for fanning individual parameter timing (think of a delayed fade in of the fixtures from the center to the sides).

Posted by: Edi_28 - 06-05-2020, 10:26 AM - Forum: Chimp General Questions
The programmer is not always loaded / update with the correct values.

Following example:
- Patch two dimmers
- Select the two dimmer fixtures, add Dimmer Wave Fx and record to fader 1
- Set fader 1 to 60%
- Select fixture 1 and press INFINITY + LOAD
- Current output for fixture 1 is loaded to programmer -> OK
- Now move fader 1 to 100%
- Also select fixture 2 an press INFINITY + LOAD again
- Current output for fixture 2 is loaded to programmer too, but current output for fixture 1 is not updated to new value -> NOT OK
- Even more worse is, that the fixture count in the FX is not updated to 2!!! -> ALSO NOT OK

The same problem exists when you press LOAD and select an attribute group on the touchscreen
LOAD+Effects does not update the selected fixtures when you have added a fixture to the selection after you have once called LOAD+Effects with an other fixture selection.

In my opinion, every INFINITY+LOAD or LOAD+AttributeGroup or LOAD+FIXTURE or LOAD+EFFECTS should update the programmer values for the selected fixtures.
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