(LAMPY 20, 1.01) Bug Report: ETC Source Four Lustr 2 Fixture library entry no showing
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Type of the Desk: LAMPY 20

Software Version: 1.01

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: no

Connected USB Devices: none

Networked Devices: none


While patching my ETC Lustr 2 I noticed that it doesn't show the correct channel mode description. It seems like instead it shows the raw format in whatever format the fixture library is written in. 

Steps to reproduce:

Go to patch -> manufacturer library -> ETC -> Source Four LED Lustr 2 and look at the channel mode selection on the right.

Expected Behavior:

A readable selection of the available modes

Observed Behavior:

A rather cryptic selection of the available modes

Additional Information

I don't know if this is a restriction of the board (which would be a real shame and could be the killer for me) but the ETC Source Four LED Lustr 2 has an extra +7 channel mode that can be selected on top of any of the available DMX modes. [color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]Essentially it's a direct colo[/font][/size][/color][color=#000000][size=medium][font=Times New Roman]r control instead of simulated RGB access. [/font][/size][/color]

This mode doesn't show while patching but would be great to have.

Hi there,

I just looked at the rather cryptical Mode Names you mention and it seems to me that they refer to different options that may be set in the fixture. I'll still dig a bit deeper into this issue, too.

Also looking at the DMX Sheet and the +7 Modes do not show up because it requires RGB to be assigned twice which is not possible in the console's Library System as each parameter can only exist once in each fixture file.

If this is needed, please comment on this thread as well, so we have a better overview of requested features: https://forum.highlite.com/thread-1019.html


Yes they refer to the different DMX modes (Direct, Studio, HSI and HSIC) and show the options in these modes but don't show the actual names. It's easy to figure out what is what, it's just optics.

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the additional Information.

I'll talk to Atlaase and see what they can do for us.



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