Cameo Pixbar 600 pro 74 or 78ch modes
Is there a easy way to get these modes for lampy. I attached cameos own info on how the channels are configured.

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.pdf   CLPIXBAR600PRO_Cameo_DMX_Control_Table (1).pdf (Size: 78,18 KB / Downloads: 4)

Unfortunately at the moment the only way to patch those modes is to break the fixture down into smaller individual fixtures to patch seperately.
In 74ch mode for example you would need 2 fixture types, which you'll most likely have to create in the fixture editor, for the 78ch mode it would be 3 types:

1st: Dimmer / Strobe
2nd: R / G / B / W/ A / UV
3rd: Macro / CCT / Auto / Sound

Then per bar you need to patch one of the 1st, 12 of the 2nd and one of the 3rd.

Unfortunately this is the only way at the moment.


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