Software Release V1.04 (14-03-2022)
**                                           Version 1.04 (14.03.2022)                                          **

Added Support for the new mainboard.

Very unfortunate, the Lampy consoles also suffered from the ‘chip shortage’ and there was a very desperate need to switch to a new mainboard.  This new software release adds support for the new mainboard and still is compatible with all previous consoles. NOTE: Downgrading new consoles with the new mainboard is not recommended as all software versions before V1.04 are not compatible with the mainboard
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I am aware that the Lampy consoles had to change to a new blossom word game  mainboard because of the chip scarcity. It's encouraging to learn that the updated software still works with all earlier consoles while adding support for the new mainboard.

Because of a lack of chips, I am aware that the Lampy consoles shifted to using a mainboard. It's promising to learn that the upgraded software is compatible with all previous consoles in addition to the new mainboard.  geometry dash

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