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I worked much on other consoles before, often MA. Chimp is cool, but there is one major issue that has to be solved. On other consoles you can generate effects on a medium speed. Later during, the schow, the middle position of the effect speed master is the speed thas was programmed. Abowe medium position, the effect is faster under medium slower. With chimp, the effect speet master can just do 100%, this means, the speed that was recorded. This is not cool. It would be very good if the effect speed could be rised to 200% or more. In addition to this, I miss a tab function for the effect speed. At least it would be helpful if there would be an option to choose if effect speet is at 100% if fader is at 100% or speed is at 100% if fader is at 50%. 
I spoke with some MA users that tryed Chimp. They all said that this is one of the issues that is not acceptable. Often, you can not now how fast you need you effect later during the show. So you have to be able to rise it above 100% if necessary. Chimp restricts the 100% of recorded speed and takes all the necessary flexibility.
However as I said, Chimp is cool an well done. I like to work with it. I hope that the restrictions/problems will be solved with future updates. I think, this console is able to take a big part of the marked if it will be further developped. This issue is just one of ten that I saw, but I think solvable. I ll do separate posts for the other improvements that can be done. For example universe restrictions, this is a NO-GO. In times of fixures with pixel control (this takes many adresses), it can not be possible that a console just gives out two universes. At least 4 physical and 8 via artnet should be minimum standard for all series. But other subject Wink

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Hi Pol,
i'm a Chimp User for several years and understand your addressed "problems".
I'm a big fan of the console, but think the chimp doesnt want to solve your problems as its target group is different. Even if you can handle pixelmapping somehow with the chimp i think you should better use MA or co, to generate them efficiently. I think with 2 or up to 10 universes you can also gernerate small or medium sized professional shows with a bunch of moving heads or led bars,... Regarding the effect speed, i wonder why you dont speed up effects at generation to e.g. the hardware limits of moving heads speed and later slow them down generally to 50%? as theres no tap-sync this would make no difference. Contrawise to the tap-sync request, i really like that combined effects of dimmers, position and colors always stay synchonous within a single effect. On MA i had the problem, that different speedmasters for attributes always differ with time. I hope you understand my thoughts and whi i thought about answering you.

Best regards,

Hello Pol,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding the CHIMP console. It's great to hear that you enjoy working with the console and appreciate its features. Your input regarding the limitations of the effect speed control and universe restrictions is valuable. rankdle

Very good point.

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