Software Release V2.0.0 (03-07-2023)
**                                        Version 2.00 (03.07.2023)                                                       **
Please make sure to back up your show files before updating the console to this release.
You may downgrade to older versions at any time but shows saved with newer versions are not compatible with older versions.
This is the final release of version 2.0, there will be no more nightly versions.
Feedback and Feature Requests
We are now using for feedback and feature requests. For support, please use the facebook group which can be found at or contact Showtec directly.
Should you encounter any bugs or have feature wishes, please post them there and look through the existing feedback to up vote any issues that may be of interest for you as it helps us to prioritize issues for future updates.
A big shout-out to the testers!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the release by participating in the early access phase and by sharing your suggestions on Nolt. Your contributions really made a difference!
Bastiaan, Christoph Polkehn, Domenico Paone, Ernst Schwoshuber, Freek van Hees, Jens Salbach, Joost Linnemann, Jorden Stefan Roblick, Len, Luis Diaz, Manuel Frey, Marco Serra, Matthias Kuot, Mike Groß, Musici Enventi, Patrice Cognet, R. Dubbink, Rene Lohse, Rens, Roel Vugts, Serge Douguet, Shatox HD, Sven Bakker, Weerden, Yves Vrijhoeven
New Versioning Scheme
We have changed the version number scheme to semantic versioning, meaning Lampy version numbers will look like “x.y.z. (aabbcc32)”
X is the major version number which will be increased only when major changes are introduced (such as Multicell and the UI-Rewrite in v2).
Y is the minor version number which will be increased when features are added.
Z is the “Bugfix” portion of the version number which will be increased when the release only contains bugfixes or as we see fit.
The text in the brackets points us to a specific version of the code an update has been built with.
Known issues
• Fetch-mode indicator is missing
• Only one of each group can be added to a MagicSheet at the moment
• IP-Adress fields are not cleared when no cable is plugged in and DHCP is turned on
New Features
All-New and better-performing User Interface
• Multi-Touch support
• Multi-Cell Fixture support
o Fixture Items show Main. Sub UserID if more than one sub fixture exists for type
o Double-clicking on an instance selects/deselects all other instances of this fixture
• Long Press on an empty item records the item
• Long Press on Pool Items (Group, Preset, Fixture) and Playbacks opens a context menu
• Fixture Items always show Dimmer Value in Dimmer Bar
• If a Fixture only has Pan / Tilt but no other visualizable info, display Pan / Tilt visualization differently in Pool Item
• Sliders now display a tooltip with the slider value while being dragged
• Better support for external screens (no fixed resolution, better touch / hot-plug handling)
o You will most likely need to calibrate your touchscreens. You can use the Shift + Magic Wand buttons on the Frontpanel and keep them pressed for 2s to do so
• Magic Sheet editing is now done using a toolbar after switching the Magic Sheet View into edit mode using the magic-wand dialog
• Added a clock to the internal screen
• Added a Virtual Keyboard with switchable Layouts
o Double or long pressing on the shift button triggers caps-lock
• Added a new “Add Preset FX” Tab into the Add Effects dialog which makes it easier to create absolute effects using presets.

New CIE Color Picker
• Color conversion for up to 9 LED Colors
• Encoders in the color picker can now cycle between different color modes for encoders
• Emitter coordinates need to be set in the fixture library for the conversion to work perfectly, however, we have pre-defined values in case this information is missing. It is advised though to measure the brightness of each color and enter the values into the fixture library’s Color Mixing data (Color Mixing button in Library Editor).
• Color picker displays the biggest color space of selected fixtures as highlighted.
o If selected fixtures only have a color wheel, show the total color space spanned by filter colors as a highlight (given provided data in the library)
• Color picker shows points for individual fixture colors. These Points are limited by the individual fixture color spaces
• Color selection in the color picker applies the same color to all selected fixtures, regardless of LED composition (distributes to channels accordingly for max overall color intensity)
• Setting Colors using color picker encoders or faders always sets the target color in the color picker and follows the above color distribution. Individual color channel values can be set using the encoders in the Values table.

Fixture Library and Editor
• New Atlabase Multicell Library
• Added many new Attributes to Function Database
• Updated Encoder Mapping for these new Parameters
• Proportional Ranges: Proportional Ranges are used to compose a range of values into another range of values and may contain a prefix and suffix to display such, e.g. for Strobe Frequency
• All-new MultiCell Library Editor
• Add xyY editing for additive color mixing systems
• Added a confirmation dialog when selecting fixture types from the factory or user library when adding fixtures that would overwrite the fixture type in the show library
• Added a confirmation dialog if a fixture type in the destination library should be overwritten when transferring fixtures

• Playback Faders Dimmer Priority can now also be set to HTP
• Playbacks with only one cue can now be moved/copied to scenes and vice versa
• Cues can now be renumbered by double-clicking in the Cue # column
• Added Go-To Function to Cuelist View
• Changed cue list concept of "End of Cuelist" to work on both ends of a Chaser
• Template page can be disabled temporarily in Show Settings -> Ui Settings
• Shift + Master Go cycles through Playback Pages in forward order; Shift + Master Pause/Back in backwards order
• Clicking on a cue in the cue-list view while record is active now adds the option to insert a cue before the selected cue
• Master Fader can be assigned as Grandmaster in Show-Settings -> UI. Go and Pause/Back buttons control selected Cuelist when Grandmaster is selected as Fader Mode
• Update Cue dialog has the option to insert a cue before the selected cue
• Long Press on the Playback Page button will go to the previous page
• Added default Record Mode setting to Show Settings.
• Playbacks can be selected for the master fader in five different ways:
o Click Select in a cue list view after clicking on the Playback Item
o Click Select in the long press menu of the Playback Item
o Using the Button Action “Select” of a Playback
o Copying a Playback onto the Master Fader Item
o Moving a Playback onto the Master Fader Item

Virtual Dimmer and Virtual Strobe
• Implement Virtual Strobe
o Fixtures with a single dimmer (virtual or not-virtual) but no shutter channel can now also add a virtual strobe
o It enables both synchronized strobing, as well as random strobe
o Add Virtual Strobe to the library editor
• Changes to Virtual Dimmer
o Virtual Dimmer now also supports fixtures with HSI and CMY as well as CIE Luminance
o If a Fixture has multiple color mixing Systems, RGBxx is preferred for Virtual Dimmer over any of the others.
o Virtual Dimmer now also supports all other Additive Mixing Colors

Other Changes
• Added auxiliary LED colors to fixture item preview representation
• Reworked MagicSheet Edit Mode
• Context Dialog should show only one button to enable/disable the magic sheet
• Groups now indicate if they contain fixtures in the current selection (in parts or fully)
• When no fixtures are selected and direct action is disabled, selecting a preset for the first time will select all fixtures in that preset
• After booting, the previously opened show will be started automatically
o Add option to ask for a PIN when a show is autostarted
• Fader Values are now stored in the show file (Note: Only the value of the faders, not the playback state of the cue lists is stored)
• Top Toolbar Button size has been increased for easier usability
• Long Press on MFF Mode Button will go back to the previous page
• Desklock Passwords are no longer limited to numbers
• Pressing Record repeatedly will cycle through record Modes
• Added Lampy Re-Load4
o Only the dongle will unlock network data output
o Changed the maximum number of universes for Lampy to 6
• Keypads and Virtual Keyboard have been reworked and now more reliably set keyboard focus and close when pressing enter on the keyboard.
• Added a Maintenance Tab in System Menu
o Added Frontpanel Test to Maintenance Tab
• Frontpanel Elements are displayed in a text box when interacted with
• LEDs cycle through R-G-B-C-M-Y-W automatically. The drop-down menu has been removed.
o Added a button to export log files to USB to the Maintenance Tab
• Connection Error screen shows a button to export log files to USB
• Sound Input lower threshold can now also be configured per sound input
• Sound Inputs can be activated/deactivated independently
• Patch Table Rename Fixtures renames and enumerate all instances
• Indicate which ArtNet / sACN Universes are currently being output in the Dmx Output Settings depending on Universe unlock / Dongle Status
• Added ability to search in Dmx Output View based on name, universe, and fixture number
• Added the ability to filter based on specific universes in Dmx Output View, by holding the filter button pressed. This filtering can then be disabled/reenabled by toggling the button

Changes in Behaviour
• Software / Library Update dialogs now force a reboot of the console.
o Dialogs display a popup indicating that the console will need to be shut down or restarted after the update and users are asked to save the show when clicking on "Install". They can still cancel at this point.
o Update Dialog can not be closed or skipped out of after the "Confirmation" Page
o Done Page shows "Shutdown" and "Reboot" buttons respectively.
o Some UI Updates to improve readability in Software and Library Update Dialogs
o Added a Countdown with a progress bar to restart automatically after the update is completed successfully (20 seconds)
• Previous / Next soft button behavior has been changed:
o Previous / Next cycle through "full" fixtures incl all instances
o Shift + Previous / Next cycles through instances
o Long Press on Previous selects all fixtures
o Long Press on Next selects even / odd

• Position/color attributes release before dimmer is released completely
• Move In Black starts FX even if a fixture is not yet dark
• Effects running in the wrong direction
• Copying Preset onto existing Preset does not properly update reference values that are being output
• Deleting Fixtures from a group could result in wrong selection states
• Preset loaded state gets lost when the preset is moved.
• Storing Selection into Effect should check if the effect parameter is supported by any fixture
• When deleting a Preset: Name, Icon, and User Color should be reset
• Performance: Fixture selection event is always emitted with server event, even if the selection does not change
• Group selection state was not updated when the group was moved while selected
• Fixed an issue that caused high Server Ram usage after parsing the fixture library
• Clicking on a magic sheet label alters the programmer selection order if some of the label items were previously selected
• Library: CIE xy default should be D65 white
• Library: CIE Intensity and HSI Intensity default should be 100%
• Selection order previewed in the magic sheet does not match the resulting order in the programmer selection
• Some multicell fixtures had wonky patch behavior (ie. American DJ Jolt 300 was always patched to Universe 1, channel 13)
• Keyboard Layout is now being restored properly after startup
• Fixed predefined FlyIn / FlyOut effects – Tilt was not in sync with the Dimmer
• Fixed an issue where the patch of certain fixtures changed after re-opening a show file (I.e. ADJ Mega Bar LED)
• MIDI Input Enabled State is not saved or loaded from the show file
• Elements recorded using “All for Selected” and “All Values” do not include programmer content
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