DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY No Light with Software Version 2
After updating to the latest software release of the Showtec Lampy 20 2U it was not possible to switch connected DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY to a light output.
I went through all (!) parameters of one or more XR2000 several times - and changed all (!) parameters (using the jog wheels). Pan and tilt work, but a light output was not possible.
Remarkably, the highlight function at the top of the toolbar worked successfully.
(So the highlight function knows the dimmer channels of the XR2000 and can also control them - why not using the jog wheels?)
I then went back to software release 1.0.5 - loaded several DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY and on the first try... light output was there!
In the software version 2 of the Showtec Lampy, a few values were displayed for Intensity - which I didn't really know what to do with (the value dimmer was offered twice, for example - why? Actually even 3x with values that are not understandable.) ...
Greatings from Austria

I would like to be able to save effects as presets so that they can be readily modified and applied to cues.

It's great that you've taken the initiative to retro bowl troubleshoot the issue on your own. Now, engaging with technical support is the best step to get a more tailored solution.

To make it simple to edit and apply effects to cues, I'd like to be able to save effects as presets. io games

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