DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY No Light with Software Version 2
After updating to the latest software release of the Showtec Lampy 20 2U it was not possible to switch connected DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY to a light output.
I went through all (!) parameters of one or more XR2000 several times - and changed all (!) parameters (using the jog wheels). Pan and tilt work, but a light output was not possible.
Remarkably, the highlight function at the top of the toolbar worked successfully.
(So the highlight function knows the dimmer channels of the XR2000 and can also control them - why not using the jog wheels?)
I then went back to software release 1.0.5 - loaded several DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY and on the first try... light output was there!
In the software version 2 of the Showtec Lampy, a few values were displayed for Intensity - which I didn't really know what to do with (the value dimmer was offered twice, for example - why? Actually even 3x with values that are not understandable.) ...
Greatings from Austria

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It's great that you've taken the initiative to retro bowl troubleshoot the issue on your own. Now, engaging with technical support is the best step to get a more tailored solution.

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Hello Thomas,

It seems like you're facing an issue with the DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY lights after updating to the latest software release of the Showtec Lampy 20 2U. I understand the frustration this may cause, and I'll try to provide some guidance.

It's notable that the pan and tilt functions are working, but you're experiencing difficulties with light output, except when using the highlight function in the toolbar.

Here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

Check DMX Configuration:
Ensure that the DMX configuration for the DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY lights is correctly set in the software. Verify the DMX address and mode to make sure they match the settings on the fixtures.

Update Fixture Profiles:
Confirm that the fixture profiles for the DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY lights are up-to-date in the software. Sometimes, a new software version may require updated fixture profiles to function correctly.

Review Intensity Values:
Since you mentioned confusion with intensity values in software version 2, double-check the intensity settings for the XR2000 in the new software. Ensure that the correct dimmer channels are assigned, and there are no conflicting values.

Consult User Manual:
Refer to the user manual for both the Showtec Lampy software and the DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY lights. It might provide specific guidance on using the jog wheels and troubleshooting light output issues.

Contact Support:
If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the technical support teams of both Showtec Lampy and DTS. They might have insights into any known issues with the latest software version or provide specific troubleshooting steps.

It's crucial to document any peculiarities you notice in the software, such as duplicated values, and share this information with the support teams.

I hope this helps, and you can get your DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY lights working smoothly again. If you have any more details or updates, feel free to share them for further assistance.

Best regards from across the globe!

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If your DTS XR2000 SPOT CMY isn't emitting light with Software Version 2, try these quick fixes:

Check connections.
Power cycle the fixture.
Verify settings in the software, including any configurations related to "web design Dubai".
Update the software if available.
Contact DTS technical support if the issue persists.

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