Software Release V2.0.2 (06-09-2023)
**                                      Version 2.0.2 (06.09.2023)                                                    **

Please make sure to back up your show files before updating the console to this release.
You may downgrade to older versions at any time but shows saved with newer versions are not compatible with older versions.
Feedback and Feature Requests
We are now using for feedback and feature requests. For support, please use the facebook group which can be found at or contact Showtec directly.
New Versioning Scheme
We have changed the version number scheme to semantic versioning, meaning Lampy version numbers will look like “x.y.z. (aabbcc32)”
X is the major version number which will be increased only when major changes are introduced (such as Multicell and the UI-Rewrite in v2).
Y is the minor version number which will be increased when features are added.
Z is the “Bugfix” portion of the version number which will be increased when the release only contains bugfixes or as we see fit.
The text in the brackets points us to a specific version of the code an update has been built with.
Known issues
• Fetch mode indicator in Dimmer Bars is missing
• Only one of each group can be added to a MagicSheet at the moment

• Add Instance Dialog: Add Dmx Channel Preview with option for clicking to select where instance will be added
• Added Copy / Move from Playbacks to Executors and vice versa, if the Playback has only one Cue
• Add Load Effects from Output Button to Effects Editor Context Dialog
• Edit Proportional Range Suffix / Prefix: Allow % and Zirkumflex characters
• Added Fixture Type Multidelete in Library Views
• Table Drag Selection: When dragging outside the view and dragging back up, cells that are not in the range of start to the cursor position are deselected
• More detailed error messages when autogenerating presets fails
• LEDs will now flash if the physical value of a fader does not match the internal value
• Dimmer Bar Text readability has been improved

Patch Window
• Select Address Grid: Fixtures are displayed as "overlapping" when "No Patch" is selected
• Adding Fixtures: Backing out to fixture type selection and changing selection does not update the settings, when clicking next
• Patch dialog: Missing channel information in universes higher than 1
• Selecting a universe in MANUAL patch does not always update the channel preview

Effects Editor
• Rainbow "Jump" Effects should use PWM instead of Sine
• Effect Editor: Size Max Preset is applied to Size Min

Other Areas
• Disabled Cells in DMX Output Config can not be selected and changed
• Clicking on on-screen MFF Items in lampy 40 selects wrong items
• Allow for point to be entered in setValue dialog, as the hint text suggests
• Set Value Dialog "Thru" does not work with DMX Values
• Updating Presets via Remove / Replace / Merge is broken and does not update all values
• Custom created fixtures may show phantom values on OLEDs for non-existing features
• Library Instance Preveiw Pool: Add "Fine" suffix to fine channels
• Library Editor Min And max prop range keypad dialogs should activate the "-" button in keypad
• Small Magic Sheet Arranger fixes
• Sound Input Trigger DropDown is now showing sound input type correctly
• Fixed an issue where a Virtual Dimmer added in the library editor would snap when moving the dimmer. o To update existing user-written fixtures, please disable and reenable the virtual dimmer in those.

• "showtec" folder is now correctly created on USB sticks if it does not exist
• Exports no longer fail if the expected directory structure does not exist on the target USB stick
• Fixed Color Picker Zoom fit not working
Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

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