Software Release V2.21 (15-09-2023)
Version 2.21

*** New Features ***

- Implement Cuelist Pause functionality without back (Fader-Button, MIDI, DMX In, Cuelist Commands, Virtual Executors)
- Implement Tap Speed for Effects.
  - Effects are still syncronized to the global synchronization and not to the tap itself, however the effect speed is now calculated as a rate based on 60 BPM. This behaviour is as such to make sure effects in the same cue with different speeds are still in synchronity. Also, in order to tap your effects accurately to the speed, they **must** be programmed at a speed of 60 CPM. If an effect is programmed with 30 CPM, it will run with half the speed of the tapped speed.
  - In order for a cuelists effect tap button function to work, the fx speed master settings of the cuelist need to be set to "Local BPM". Alternatively you can use a FX Speed Master.
  - The Cuelist's "FX Speed" Fader function scales any speed, either set by BPM locally or through a master relatively to such. Ie. The FX Speed master is set to 50% and the local FX Speed is set to 50%, then the resulting effect will run at 25% of its programmed speed.
- Implement FX Speed Master Settings in Timing Menu
  - An FX Speed Master can now be absolute (BPM) or relative (0-100%)
  - Absolute FX speed masters have a configurable minimum and upper bound
- Added a Patch Import function to import Fixture Patches via a CSV file (infinity/patch_import_export on the USB Stick)
- Added "Appearance" Command for Special Masters
- Amount of Release Groups has been increased to 20
- Updated Qt to 6.4.3
- Updated Boost to 1.7.9

*** Changes ***

- Patch Export Folder on USB Stick has been changed from infinity/patch_export to infinity/patch_import_export

*** Bugfixes ***

- Library: CIE Intensity and HSI Intensity default should be 100%
- Library: CIE xy default should be D65 white
- F_MINT is not used in virtual Dimmer function
- Show Default Timings are not saved / recalled in showfile
- Gobo4 Rotation is falsely mapped to Gobo3 Rotation
- Make chimp Showpartition RW at all times
- Some multicell fixtures had wonky patch behaviour (ie. American DJ Jolt 300 was always patched to universe 1, channel 13)
- Fixed a text length limitation in range representation editor
- Elements recorded using “All for Selected” and “All Values” do not include programmer content
- Snake Predefined Effect inserts a Tilt effect twice
- Fixed an issue where the patch of certain fixtures changed after re-opening a showfile (I.e. ADJ Mega Bar LED)
- Fixed a crash when opening the Record Content Menu in the record toolbar for the second time
- Fixed Effect Editor Ramp Up / Ramp Down icons not matching the button description
Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

je suis tout nouveau utilisateur de la Chimp 300 G2, que je viens d'acheter début mai 2024. elle est dotée du software V2.10. j'ai vu sur le site de highlite qu'il existe une V2.33. faut il que je mette à jour la console avec cette version? faut il prendre des précautions avant de faire l'opération. merci de vos expertises

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