Adding a "0 Cue" / a cue wich is only played once.
Hello dear friends,

Im currently still working on my busking showfile. At the moment i am programming a "Bump menu"
Now i have the following question.

I have now programmed the following movement bump.

Cuelist X
      Cue 1    Fixture 1-10   intensity 100    tilt 180
                  Fixture 11-20  intensity 0       tilt 0

      Cue2     Fixture 1-10 intensity 0          tilt 0
                  Fixture 11-20 intensity 100     tilt 180

Cuelist X is then Triggered by another Cuelist with an empty cue with the CMD "Masterspeed1 Go"
 Everything is working fine so far.

But if im running a show the fixtures may be in use currently by a cuelist with say a movement effect.
To avoid any "ugly" transitions i would have to trigger a Cue with an off movement effect and pre position the fixtures in black to tilt 0 so when im toggle throu Cuelist X with my Masterspeed trigger the Movement is executed correctly.

I could use a CMD in CuelistX Cue1 to trigger a "pre position Cuelist", but then it would be executed everytime i trigger Cue1 with my Masterspeed.

Is there a way to insert a Cue in a Cuelist wich is only played once and the Masterspeed only toggels throu the second and third cue? Or any workaround with CMD to only trigger them once ?

Greetings from Austria 

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