LAMPY 40 1U, DONGLE YES Software 2.04 Report Bug: External screen calibration
Type of the Desk: Lampy 40 1U

Software Version: 2.0.4

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: Yes, Elo 2294L Open Frame Touchscreen Display

Connected USB Devices: Elo 2294L Open Frame Touchscreen Display

Networked Devices: -


I have this issue where i can't callibrate the external monitor. It seems like the touchscreen doesn't respond. (i tested it on a laptop and it worked without a problem.) 
When im not in callibrating mode it does respond. But weirdly the external monitor functions as a touchpad for both the internal and external screen. 
I can still use the internal screen fine, also with mouse and keyboard. But when i want to use the external screen the top half of the monitor reacts as a touch pad for the external screen, and the bottom half for the internal screen. 
I dont know how to better describe it. For example: I put my finger at the top of the external screen, the pointer is more or less exactly under the tip of my finger. When i slowly drag my finger down to the bottom of the external screen the pointer goes twice as fast. When my finger is halfway the screen the pointer is at the bottom of the screen. When i go futher down the pointer now shows on the internal screen. 

I've also tried this on a different software version but it keeps happening. 

Excuse me if I made any spelling mistakes, I'm Dutch.

Looks like your screen has some problem. You can read in dash online/showthread.php?tid=1029

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