A small problem
Hello i am a new Chimp 300 user

And a have a small Problem

I want to progamm a MAIN OVERRIDE Button for Strobe my par cans.

I programmed some chases for my running light and from time to time during the show i need a Strobe button wich override the runninglight  in full mode , every par can should strobe together. After release the Strobe Flash button it schould go back to the running light.

I tried this a few times but everytime i programmed a Strobe button it only strobes the Chase i programmed or i had to stop the chase then i could stobe und start the chase again. Confused Huh

Maybe someone can help  Idea Angel

Thank you very much 


Dear Kai,

regarding your question, it is very hard to judge what you are maybe doing wrong without any details or showfile.

however I think we can give you some tips :-)
the best solution is to program a cue with the dimmer + shutter + color information into it, so dimmer @ 100%, shutter @ desired rate, RGB @ full= bright white. now record this cue onto a executor button and then change (edit) the button to be either toggle or flash+go+off.

as the standard chases and cuelists are all LTP (latest takes precedence), when pressing your 'strobe cue', the white programmed color will overrule the chase color, and your parcans will start strobing. now when releasing the cue by either pressing it again (toggle) or releasing the button, then the running chase should be visible again on your output.

hope this info helps you get the desired results.
Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

Hello thank you very much .
I tried to set the strobe executer button on ltp but it did not work .
a have a showfile maybe you con look at the things i did wrong .
i made a  simple color chase for my par cans but when i strobe the color will not disaper :-(


thanks kai

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