Connect Chimp onPC to visualizer
Is there any chance to connect the Chimp onPC Software with some kind of visualisation software without the need of additional hardware? That would be extremely handy for pre programming on the road or at home where I don't have the possibility to set up a console.


The Chimp OnPC software will nit have any ability to send DMX/ArtNet or sACN without any hardware attached.  Preprogramming your show would still be possible since you can do all the things you can also do on your console, but unfortunately without any visualization :-)

Depending on your show size, I would recommend starting with a Chimp Dongle which give you 2 universes of ArtNet or sACN. You could also connect a Chimp SideKick which also gives 2 universes and all the familiar faders, keys and buttons of your console.

You also could connect both the SideKick and the Dongle to get 4 universes, and even add a Peanut Box for another 4 universes.
Feed your Chimp, Keep Calm or go Banana's!!

Best regards,  Ron

Thanks for the help, I'm having this problem, I connect both SideKick and Dongle to get 4 universes and add a Peanut Box for another 4. It works. Thanks very much.

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I received very useful information thanks to you.

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I'm having trouble connecting SideKick and Dongle to obtain four universes, and I also added a Peanut Box to obtain four more. Thank you for your assistance. It functions. Many thanks.

Start the visualization software infinite craft and ensure that it is receiving DMX data from Chimp onPC. You should see the lighting fixtures represented within the visualizer, allowing you to simulate and control lighting effects in real-time.

To connect Chimp onPC to a visualizer, follow these steps: First, ensure both the Chimp onPC software and the visualizer software are installed and updated on your computer. Next, connect your Chimp hardware to your computer using the appropriate cables. Launch the Chimp onPC software and navigate to the settings or configuration menu where you can select the visualizer option. Here, you'll typically find settings to link the Chimp onPC to the visualizer by specifying IP addresses or network configurations if using Ethernet or Art-Net protocols. Once configured, test the connection by triggering cues or scenes in Chimp onPC to see if they reflect correctly in the visualizer. For troubleshooting, check network settings and ensure all software permissions are correctly set.
Additionally, if you encounter connectivity issues, make sure your network settings are properly configured, and consider checking firewall permissions to allow communication between Chimp onPC and the visualizer software. If using remote access, register smart sim card might be necessary to ensure uninterrupted data flow, allowing seamless operation even in mobile setups or remote locations. This ensures that your Chimp onPC can communicate effectively with the visualizer software regardless of the venue or setup, providing flexibility and reliability in your lighting control solutions.

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