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Posted by: Angelo - 08-09-2021, 04:07 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Type desk: Chimp 300.G2

Software version: V2.0.5

Connected USB-device: None

Networked devices: None

Description: When changing the Default-values of a RGBW-Module in a Multi-fixture to 0 (Red/Green/Blue/White) the first channel is not changed (in this case RED)

Steps to reproduce: Patch an iM2515 or IFX640 and go to the Module-editor, in the editor select all the default values from the RGBW-module (they are on 255) and change them to 0.

The first channel stays on 255 and is not editable.

Expected behaviour: All the RGBW-Default values should change to the value given.

Observed behaviour: Only the first channel is not changed or editable in the RGBW-Module, this does not only relate to the Default
Values but also on the Highlight / DMX-max etc.

Noticed that this error is also in the 4 Channel Helix (the 6 Channel version works)

Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:31 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
I would like to have the option to have an virtual Fader on the magic screen, so I can control cue lists like Fog Intensity or so without blocking an physical fader.
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Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:27 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
 maybe is it possible to set the Masters to predefined Values? For example: My Speed Master is set to BPM mode and I will set him to 128 bpm by tap an executer. Maybe its possible to do it with the CMD feature.
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Posted by: floriangutsfeld - 08-09-2021, 11:19 AM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Chimp 300 g1 V2.05
If I want to color a border from a cue list, I can't pic a color with the colorpicker. If I choose a predefined color on the right side, everything works fine. After choosing a predefined I can also pic a color by the colorpicker.
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Posted by: Angelo - 08-09-2021, 10:14 AM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Type desk: Chimp 300.G2

Software version: V2.05

External display: No

Connected USB-device: None

Networked devices: None

Description: Using the LINK-key causes a blackscreen and goes to startup-screen

Steps to reproduce: Press the LINK-key followed by an Executor-key or Fader-key and select the GROUP-option.

Expected behaviour: When pressing the LINK-key followed by an Executor or Fader-key should link the Group to the Fader or Executor (group-selector)

Observed Behaviour: When pressing the LINK-key followed by an Executor or Fader-key a selection is available (Cuelist / Groups),
When selecting a Cuelist it works good, when selecting the GROUP-button on the screen then the Chimp goes black and restarts in the Startup-screen and goes then back to the programmer.

Tapping on the screen for selecting the Fader or Executor instead of the LINK-key and then select the Group-option works.
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Posted by: kai - 07-09-2021, 02:14 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
I installed vm Ware to try on pc
But it crash at start. Do you have a idea?

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Posted by: Ron - 02-09-2021, 10:53 AM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases
Important Information
This update contains new firmware for all PCBs,
For your devices (especially Dongles and Wings) to receive the firmware update, they need to be connected during the boot process of the console.
In the case of OnPC, they also need to be connected to your Chimp virtual machine during the boot process.
New Features
Multicell Fixtures:
MultiCell Library Editor
o            The editor is completely new. Libraries are now seperated into Modules and Instances. Instances reference Modules. Multiple Instances can use the same module. Instances can overlap and thus have a DMX Start value that needs to be set.
o            Fixtures now have more properties than before, like description, category, beam type. Many of these are in place for possible future use.
o            Proportional Ranges: Proportional Ranges are used to compose a range of values into another range of values and may contain a prefix and suffix to display such, i.e. for Strobe Frequency
o            Select Parameter Filter in Library should remember last used Attribute Group
o            Select Library Info Box:
o            Add Instance Count
o            DMX Output View is displaying fixtures and instances, whereas instances are shown in the main fixture, but separated by a line.
o            Entirely new Factory Library
•             Programmer displays Proportional Ranges
•             Output View displays Proportional Ranges
•             Patch Window has been reworked to accommodate Multicell Fixtures
o            Show Instance Count
o            Change Type and Cloning have been reworked to accommodate for Multicell Fixtures
             Change Type is now only possible with Single-Instance Fixtures
             Cloning has been updated to not copy fixtures anymore, but rather has options to select source and destination. Cloning should be preferred over Change Type.
             Added Dialogs to select fixtures visually Clone Fixture Dialog
o            Cloning / Type Replacement can now also clone MagicSheet Data
o            Cloning / Type Replacement now also clones / replaces the Programmer Content
o            Cloning / Type Replacement: Value Data (Presets, Cuelists, Programmer) will be converted between RGB <-> CMY
o            Cloning / Type Replacement: Effect Data will be converted between RGB <-> CMY
•             MultiCell Number block Addressing
o            Fixture 1 will select all instances of Fixture 1, whereas Fixture 1.1 will only select the Instance with User Number 1
o            Numberblock Subselection for Instances: Fixture .1 will select all instances with the user ID 1, either out of the current selection or all fixtures
o            Multicell Number Block - Allow to skip second main fixture number in Selections, eg Fixture 1.2 + .4
•             Fixture Pool and Fixture Item update for compatibility with new Multicell Fixtures
o            Fixture Items have been slightly reworked to show Main.Sub.UserID
o            If a Fixture only has Pan / Tilt but no other visualizable info, display Pan / Tilt visualization differently in Pool Item
o            Add RGB Colours for F_MINT and F_RED_ORANGE to Fixture Live Colour representation
o            Add F_COLOR_MACRO to Fixture Item Colour Representation
o            Fixtures that have no visualizable parameters, but Pan and Tilt will now display a crosshair to indicate their Pan and Tilt position
o            Fixture Items always show Dimmer Value in Dimmer Bar
•             Add many new Attributes to Function Database
o            Add Shutter 1 Ctrl, Shutter 1 Dura, Shutter 1 FX, Shutter 2 Ctrl, Shutter 2 Dura, Shutter 2 FX, Pan / Tilt Ctrl, Color 1 Ctrl, Color 2 Ctrl, Color 3 Ctrl, Colormix Ctrl, Gobo 1 Ctrl, Gobo 2 Ctrl, Gobo 3 Ctrl, Gobo 4 Ctrl, Gobo 1 Rota Ctrl, Gobo 2 Rota Ctrl, Gobo 3 Rota Ctrl, Gobo 4 Rota Ctrl, Prism 1 Ctrl, Prism 2 Ctrl, Prism 3, Prism 3 Rota, Prism 3 Ctrl, Autofocus Adjust, Animation 1 Ctrl, Animation 2, Animation 2 Rota, Animation 2 Idx, Animation 2 Ctrl, Animation 3, Animation 3 Rota, Animation 3 Idx, Animation 3 Ctrl, Shaper 1, Shaper 2, Shaper 1 Rota, Shaper 2 Rota, Frame Ctrl, Lamp, Lamp Adjust, Fog, Haze, Heat, Position Time, Focus Time, Color Time, Gobo Time, Beam Time, Optics Time, Special 9, Special 10, Special 11, Special 12, Move Z, Rota X, Rota Y, Rota Z, Mint, Red Orange and Tint to Library Functions
o            Updated Encoder Mapping for these new Parameters
o            Updated RGBX Default Values to FULL when adding them to a new Fixture Type
o            Attribute "Link" Groups have been extended so that, i.e. when red is touched, deep red is touched, too
•             Virtual Dimmer now supports fixtures with HSI and CMY
o            If a Fixture has multiple colour mixing Systems, RGBX is preferred for Virtual Dimmer over any of the others.
o            In order for the virtual dimmer to work with HSI, the fixture needs to have a I (Intensity, not Dimmer) channel assigned.
o            Virtual Dimmer now also supports all other Additive Mixing Colours
•             Factory Library can now be replaced by means of an online update, or update via USB.
o            Console should auto create "infinity/factory_library" folder when a USB Stick is plugged in
•             Parameter Lists in FX Create Custom Effect and Module Editor Set Parameter are now sorted alphabetically
•             Maintenance and Licensing Tab should be available in the left menu in the Setup Screen when show is closed.
•             Opening Pre v2.0 Showfiles
o            Fixture Names from old shows are converted to new Fixture and Instance Name
o            All show data is converted.
•             Used Indicator has been extended:
o            Edit Cuelist / Edit Preset / Edit Group Dialogs now have a "Display Usage" button to show where they are being used.
o            Is_Used reference counting should also take MagicSheet into consideration
o            Ask for confirmation when deleting a Group that is assigned to a fader
o            Ask for confirmation when deleting a Cuelist that is assigned to a fader
o            Ask for confirmation when deleting a Preset that is used in a Cuelist
•             Maximum Cuelist Count has been increased to 1000 Cuelists
•             New Shortcuts / Key Combinations
o            Open + Keypad Number changes Window on internal Screen
o            Infinity + Open + Keypad Number changes Window on external Screen
o            Infinity + Delete cycles through delete Modes
o            Infinity + Record cycles through delete Modes
o            Open + Preset cycles through Programmer Feature Groups
o            Infinity + Preset cycles through the (currently) available Sub-Feature Groups in Programmer of the current Attribute
o            Prev + Next will select all fixtures
o            Next and previous will cycle through “whole fixtures”
             Pressing Infinity at the same time will cycle through the instances.
•             Preset Pools Usability has been enhanced
o            Preset Pools are now addressable using the number block (PoolID.Preset), e.g., Record Preset 1.1 will record Intensity Preset 1
•             Allow users to Show Wing Fader labels on external Screen without Wing attached. (Setup -> Show Settings)
o            As soon as a Wing is attached, the Fader Labels will be shown regardless of this Setting.
•             Groups now indicate if they contain fixtures in the current selection
•             The restriction that only consoles of same type can be connected in a Network session has been removed.
o            This means that OnPC can now also join a Network Session!
•             Changed the maximum number of Universes to 10
•             Select Fixtures Dialog: Show how many fixtures are selected in title
•             Programmer should reset "Timing Button" when cleared
•             PoolWidgets should remember and restore scroll position depending on the selected pool type and split widget
Changes to existing functionality
•             Record / Delete Toolbars: Changed order of buttons
•             Decrease Double Click Interval & Increase Double click Area Size
•             When Editing a Fixture using the Command line, you now need to specify the number of the instance, eg. Where before you could type Edit Fixture 1, you would now need to, for example, type Edit Fixture 1.0
•             Next / Previous Button Behavioural Change
o            Previous and Next will now step through all instances of selected fixture
             Pressing Infinity at the same time will step through the individual instances
o            Previous and next in combination with Modulo will now try to Infinity the selection in full blocks, eg: Fixture 1 + 2 / 4 will select all first and second fixtures in groups of 4 in the selection, pressing next now steps to fixture 3 and 4.
             Pressing Infinity at the same time will Infinity the selection in small increments
o            Pressing next and previous at the same time will now select all fixtures in the selection set.
             Pressing Infinity at the same time will only select fixtures out of the selection set that have active values in the programmer.
•             Fixed Crashes
o            Switching Tabs in Link-Fader Dialog may crash Client
o            Aver IpCamUtility crashes Chimp GUI (Malformed traffic on OSC Ports)
o            Selecting a Fader may crash the Client
o            Link -> Executor / Fader Label may crash Client
o            When values are deactivated in programmer, the server crashes.
o            Console crashes if two shows have the same last-open time.
•             Unplugging and re-plugging Monitor into Chimp 100 results in blank screen
•             Preset Pools / Preset Items
o            PresetWidget displayed broken items in select_only mode (For example when adding to a MagicSheet or in the Effects Engine).
o            Is used Indicator not updated correctly when switching between different Preset Pools.
o            Copy Preset confirmation Dialog shows "Title" in the Ok Button instead of OK
o            Preset Load Count is not updated in some circumstances
o            Preset Pools can sometimes not be switched using the Dropdown
o            Copying Preset onto existing Preset does not properly update reference values that are being output
o            UI: PoolItems seem to "resize" when the selection state changes
o            Only available Preset Pools (Attribute Groups) should be shown
•             Virtual Executors:
o            Go + Off Button Setting does not work
o            Protect in Virtual Executor SplitWidget does protect all memories from clicks (even the ones that are supposed to be clickable)
•             Fixture Pool / Fixture Items
o            Fixture Items without any channel only show undefined error messages
o            Fixture Pool Items: If a fixture has RGB only, it is not visualized properly.
•             DMX Output View
o            DMX Output View shows phantom rectangles sometimes
o            DMX Output View -> Dropdown should show universes and information about where these are output.
o            Internal Screen DMX Output View only showing 0's
o            Output View does not show active values
•             Programmer / Effects Engine
o            Bug: Programmer:ConfusedetColorRGB() not applying color correclty to multiple fixtures
o            Changing Programmer Attribute Group does not change Preset Pools linked to Programmer
o            Programmer Table does not refresh if a Cue is loaded
o            SwatchBook: Color is not deselected if Colour changes (for example by selecting a preset)
o            Fan cannot be used when a preset it active in Programmer for the same parameter
o            Effects Editor is not refreshing properly after setting values and deleting an effect line.
o            Predefined Color FX adds every Color Attribute, even if it does not exist for selected fixtures
o            Effects running in wrong direction
o            Effects Editor: Unfannable options (Grouping, Buddying, etc) would show up as fannable
o            Effect Engine: Ramp up and Ramp Down are swapped
o            Programmer is compared HTP to Cuelists set to HTP
•             Magic Sheet Bugfixes
o            If locked and unlocked items are selected at the same time, locked Items can be arranged
o            If locked and unlocked items are selected at the same time, locked Items can be drag-moved
o            Pressing Infinity Key while dragging during Arrange should disable Snap
o            Increased Performance
o            Locking and unlocking selection causes arrange/align to malfunction
o            Lock during arrange causes fixtures to disappear
o            Rectangle Selection causes cascading fixture selection (Performance)
o            Resize Handle for Labels only works in the small area of the handle, which is intersecting with the label, making resizing a label virtually impossible
o            Locked Labels in Magic Sheet are editable
•             Cuelists and Cuelist View
o            When setting attribute Timings in Cuelist View, the KeypadDialog has wrong window title
o            Selecting multiple cells in cuelist view and changing values is only applied to first item
o            Fixed a rare issue where no new cues could be added to any cuelist
o            Changing a Parameter in the Cuelist View does not always refresh cell after dialog closes
o            Move In Black is being executed even when the fixture dimmer is still at 100% but dimmer uses individual delay time
o            Move In Black starts FX even if fixture is not yet dark.
o            Do Not Release Other Cuelists does not get applied correctly in Server when loading a Showfile
•             Patch Window Bugfixes
o            Unavailable Cells should have no background color and should not show text
o            Autopatch does not always patch on consecutive universes
•             PCB Firmware Fixes
o            Fixed an Issue that may cause Sound Input to cease working
o            Connection reliability has been increased
o            DMX Input may be dropping frames when the source sends less than 512 channels.
o            Wing LEDs stay on when console is shutdown
o            Added communication timeout. The LEDs Dimming will be dimming down if there has not been any communication between the OS and the PCBs for 2s.
•             Performance Issues
o            Performance: Fixture selection event is always emitted with server event, even if selection does not change
o            Performance: Programmer Should only refresh Columns when Infinity key is pressed if showDMX is true, as otherwise the displayed values do not change
o            Performance: Output Table should only refresh Columns when Infinity key is pressed if showDMX is true, as otherwise the displayed values do not change
o            Improve Fixture Item Performance
o            Overall performance has been improved
o            DMX Input Window slowdown with certain DMX Input
•             Most Plain-Test-Displays showed the wrong font.
o            Factory Library Update Dialog used wrong font
•             When fader and executor pages are linked. Dragging and dropping the fader pages does not reorder the button pages
•             OSC: XY and Accelerometer control of pan and tilt are not working since 1.12
•             Table Views when scrolled down sometimes do not show all Items fully
•             Half Split Window sometimes syncs left/right scroll position
•             Is used Indicator for items (Groups / Cuelists) is now updated properly when deleting the object and then recreating a new object in the same spot.
•             Keyboard Layout is not saved / applied properly
•             Keypad: fixed that a value may be replaced when it should not be replaced
•             "Open" Button should not add anything to Commandline when pressed, rather on release if no other combination has been executed
•             Reboot / Shutdown is now working properly when no server is running
•             It is now forbidden to delete the show that is opened (=current show)
•             Fixture types missing from library since 1.12
Known Issues
•             Touchscreens may not be calibrated, when USB Mouse and were attached while the console booted. To be able to calibrate your touchscreens:
o            Shutdown the console
o            Unplug Keyboard and Mouse.
o            Boot the Console
o            Press Infinity + Open + S1 to calibrate the internal screen, or Infinity + Open + S2 to calibrate the secondary screen.
o            After the calibration is done, you may attach keyboard and mouse again.
•             Fixture Libraries exported from pre-2.x Versions can not be imported using the Import function in the Library Window (Failed to import library file. No file signature found). Please use the following workaround:
o            Import the Fixtures into a pre 2.0 showfile’s show library (e.g., Version 1.12) – this may also be done from within an OnPC
o            Save and export the show. You may now open the Show in Software Version 2.0 and later including the fixtures. From now on, Library Exports and Imports will keep working.
•             After adding and patching multi-cell fixtures successfully for a first time, trying to repatch them after shows an incorrect number of channels needed in the `Select Address` dialog.
o            This is purely a display issue, patching the fixtures succeeds and patches the fixture correctly.
•             Adding and selecting “No Patch” for multi instance fixtures patches them to address 1.1.
•             Patch Table shows wrong channel count for multi instance fixtures.
o            This is a display issue only; the fixtures will be patched correctly and can be used as intended.
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Posted by: kai - 31-08-2021, 11:39 PM - Forum: Chimp Fixture Libraries
Has someone a file for the varitec hero 230 Spot??
I can do it by myself, but a prof.  Build would be great.
Thanks Kai
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Posted by: sbreutmann - 30-08-2021, 06:26 AM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
Type of the Desk: Chimp 100G.2 TourPack

Software Version: 1.12 beta

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: Yes, two

Connected USB Devices: Keyboard, wireless mouinse, USB stick

Networked Devices: Connected to all site LAN

The Chimp does not accept OSC commands for faders 11 to 30.

Steps to reproduce:
Connect OSC app (Touch OSC) to Chimp and use faders for sidewing.

Expected Behavior:
It would be expected that OSC commands for faders 11 to 30 would behave exactly as faders 1 to 10.

Observed Behavior:
When sending the respective OSC command, nothing happens on the cues linked to the faders on the sidewing. In fact they are shown in the OSC reception dialogue as "Unknown"
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 25-08-2021, 05:13 PM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
I have 4 moving heads patched and programmed the following positioning cues into one cuelist:
Cue 1: MH 1 -> right pos
Cue 2: MH 2 -> right pos
Cue 3: MH 3 -> right pos
Cue 4: MH 4 -> right pos
Cue 5: MH 1 -> left pos
Cue 6: MH 2 -> left pos
Cue 7: MH 3 -> left pos
Cue 8: MH 4 -> left pos

Tracking is set to "Enabled + Track THRU" and the cueslist is set to "Loop At End"
When the cue starts, all moving heads point straight (defaul position) except MH 1 which moves to the right position. The subsequent cues work as expected and since tracking is enabled, each MH stays in his last position. With normal tracking I would expect, that all moving heads, except MH 1 which is programmed in the first cue, return to the default (straight) position when the loop jumps from cue 8 to cue 1 and that works. But with "Track THRU" I would expect that MH 2 - MH 4 remain on their last position when cue 1 sets position of MH 1 to the right position again.

This does not work. TRACK THRU behaves exactly like normal Tracking. When cue 1 is called, MH 2 - MH 4 return to their default position and only MH 1 is set to the right position.
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