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Posted by: LeonTheo02 - 11-08-2021, 04:33 PM - Forum: LAMPY Feature Requests
It would be really good to have an option to lock a show (or the entire console) with a password (or the set pin) so that it cannot even be opened without it. That way the Lampy can stay in a Semi-Public Area without having to be scared that someone unauthorized uses it at all (so that when they turn it on they need to enter the pin or password).
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Posted by: LeonTheo02 - 11-08-2021, 12:03 AM - Forum: LAMPY Feature Requests
We recently got the Lampy 20 2U and really like the idea of being able to connect an external monitor. We often use that one more than the inbuilt touchscreen as it is way easier to see and manage (especially with mouse and keyboard connected).

What now often happens is that I am on the fixture view and wanna create an effect, but I can only do that on the inbuilt touchscreen not on my big screen which is way easier to see. Maybe just add a button where I can switch around the screens so that the internal one displays what the external one would and vice versa. (Or like it is on startup, that I can just let the internal screen mirror the external one)
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Posted by: osto - 09-08-2021, 02:39 PM - Forum: Chimp Bug Reports
Type of the Desk: Chimp300.G2

Software Version: V1.12 Beta

External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?: Neither

Connected USB Devices: None

Networked Devices: None


Upon using the "Deactivate" function in the "Set Value"-window of the programmer for any attribute the desk crashes with the following error description:
"Error! Lost connection to Server! It might have crashed! Shall we reboot?"
If pressing close the "Manage Shows"-window opens but none of the internal shows are visible.
If pressing reboot the console swiftly reboots but immediately shows a similar error description:
"Error! Could not connect to Server!"
After closing the error the console again enters the "Manage Shows"-window where no shows are visible.

If using the "Shutdown"-option the console shuts down for around 2 seconds and then reboots immediately.

If choosing to create a new show it is possible to enter a name for said show but after confirming nothing further happens.

The only way to exit this loop is to disconnect and reconnect the mains power supply.

Steps to reproduce:

Select a patched fixture, select an attribute and open the popup window via pushing the corresponding encoder, select "Deactivate" on the bottom line of options.

Expected Behavior:

I would have expected the button to remove the attribute from the programmer.

Observed Behavior:

previously described behaviour


No specific showfile attached as a completely blank show was used.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 03-08-2021, 11:57 AM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
When you add a cuelist to the magic sheet, which has more than one cue, you have no possibility to proceed to the next cue. You can only turn on or off the cuelist.
There should also be an option to switch between the modes (Toggle ON/OFF, GO, etc.)
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 03-08-2021, 11:55 AM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
When you create a cue in a cuelist where you use the control macros you can for example select that you trigger a GO command on an other cue. When you edit the control macro, the selected cue is different from what it were when you created the control macro.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 03-08-2021, 11:01 AM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
I have patched 6 RGBW LED PAR fixtures and created cuelists for each of the colors. Each cuelist has one cue with one color and is set to "Off if overwritten".
Another cuelist has a cue which overwrites the colors with WHITE and randomly flashes the fixtures with a dimmer FX. This cuelist has set the "Do not release other cuelists".
Everything is working fine, but when you reload the show, the parameter is not evaluated properly and turns off any of the color cuelists. This happens until you untick and retick the option "Do not release other cuelists" in the flash cuelist.
It seems that the parameter is not loaded properly when the show is loaded.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 31-07-2021, 03:56 PM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
Following scenario makes a problem in V1.12 beta in my show.
I have patched 6 "Ignition Teatro Led Spot 100".
I recorded all 6 with 100% dimmer to cuelist 1.
I recorded the two left outermost with 100% dimmer to cuelist 2.
I recorded the two in the middle with 100% dimmer to cuelist 3.
I recorder the two right outermost with 100% dimmer to cuelist 4.
I set Dimmer HTP on all 4 cuelists.
Assign cuelist 1 to fader 1, cuelist 2 to fader 2, cueslist 3 to fader 3, cuelist 4 to fader 4. Auto ON on all of them.
So far, each fader absolutely works correct. Fader 1 increases dimmer on all 6, Fader 2 only on the two leftmost, and so on.
When I now save the show and reload it, sometimes only the first fader works, sometimes only the ones where I recorded 2 of the 6 fixtures. I can only fix it by deleting the cuelists and redo all my work.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 31-07-2021, 03:49 PM - Forum: Chimp 1.12 Open Beta
When new fixtures are added to an existing show or the user number is changed, the fixtures are not shown correctly sorted in the fixture view.
Only when closing and reopening the show the correct sorting is applied in the fixture view.
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Posted by: Mrcabbie - 26-07-2021, 09:45 AM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests
It will be very nice to have like 5 windows or more in the playback/programming tab in stead of the standard 3 or 4 in quad-split and programming.
It will be easy to change the button size so you have more room then 8x4 for example in a color preset window.
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Posted by: Trickboxx - 24-07-2021, 06:05 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions
I use a Chimp 300 G2 and have on Universe 1 several Fixtures (Wash & Beam ML / Sunstrips / Dimmerchannels for Blinders usw.) all works fine. Yesterday we have a Guest LD with his own GrandMA2 and some Lights don’t work the Right Way (Flickering, Colour Changes / Random Pan and Tilt). The Lights who makes Problems are cheap China Wash ML ....
I use a DMX Splitter Booster and DMX Terminator.
The DMX Patch is OK. We think the Problem is DMX Timing. If I connect the Chimp everything works fine.
Now the Question: is it possible to connect the GrandMA2 via DMX in and Merge to Universe 1 and let the Chimp do the DMX Output? Can that be a Solution?
Thank You.
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