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Posted by: Steve_Mutter - 21-02-2019, 11:10 AM - Forum: Requests and Enhancements
Hey Guys,

just Created an Chase:

Step 1: Dimmer 1 (100%); Dimmer 2 (0%)
Step 2: Dimmer 1 (0%); Dimmer 2 (100%)

Now I Changed the Fader to be an "Speed" Fader and the lower Button to be an "Tapsync"

- If I Move the Fader Up Chase is waiting at Step 1
- Now I start the Chase with "GO"
- Tap the Speed to 50 BPM by hitting the "Tapsync" Button 2 Times
- Now I want to Speed Up the Chase to about 60 BPM by hitting the Tapsync 2 more Times
- Now my Problem:
   I hit the Tapsync the first Time to Speed Up the Chase and the Tapsync is still listen, so
   the Speed Changes now to 11BPM and waiting the whole Time (11BPM) before changing
   to 60 BPM....

I'm not sure If this is how it should work, cause there is an fu**** long Break before getting
the right Speed. How long is the Tapsync waiting for Speed Hits? 2 times, 3 times?

That's is pretty annoying....
Hope you unterstand what I'm talking about...
- 2

Posted by: Steve_Mutter - 17-02-2019, 04:20 PM - Forum: Bug reports
Hey Guys,

yesterday i noticed that if i want to Record a Cue directly on one of the 10 Executor Buttons it won't work.
Following scenario:

Step 1: Dimmer 1 @ Full
Step 2: Record to Executor Button 1 (No Matter which one)
Step 3: Edit Executor Button 1, Function to "GO" (No Matter which Function i choose)

If I Press the Exec Button (Function Go) the Cue is Highlighted in Green, but the value (and Output) doesn't change.
If I load the Cue into the Programmer the Value is shown (incl. Output) correctly.
When I Record the loaded Cue to another Exec Button it seems to work properly. In 50 % of the cases.

Today, I'm going to Downgrade the Softwareversion from 1.08 to 1.07.
With this Bug the Desk is for me unusable

Can someone confirm taht this does not only affect on my Desk?
- 12

Posted by: dechris - 15-02-2019, 02:46 PM - Forum: Bug reports
Hallo habe folgendes problem nach dem Update schalltet das Pult die Dmx 3&4 nicht mehr frei, ausser wenn ich den Wing neu Starte indem ich ihn vom Strom nehme und wier einschalte. 
Bitte korrigieren sie das schnellst möglich.
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Posted by: timlicht - 15-02-2019, 01:11 PM - Forum: Tips and tricks
How can I make a white strobo and make sure the color comes back after strobo is released?
Yesterday at the live feed I heard that there is a dummy feature?

- 3

Posted by: MSteger - 15-02-2019, 10:41 AM - Forum: Requests and Enhancements
Does anybody know a link of the stream yesterday?
And is there a release date for the software they had on their console?
- 4

Posted by: Edi_28 - 14-02-2019, 11:18 AM - Forum: Bug reports
Yesterday I programmed a show and had a fixture of type "Ignition Teatro LED Spot 100FR" in my show. The default value for parameter "Zoom" is set to 128, which comes from AtlaBase library.

I wanted to change this value to 0 in the show libray and saved the change. But when I reopened the fixture editor I saw that the value was reset to 128 and my change was not saved. The same problem with the highlight values. I did not try to change other parameters.

I also were not able to change the values in a newly created fixture with the "Teatro" as base.

Tested in V1.08
- 7

Posted by: Edi_28 - 12-02-2019, 01:02 AM - Forum: Software releases
When will there be an updated Manual for all the new features since V1.03?

This should be mandatory for a product placed as a flagship product.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 10-02-2019, 01:30 PM - Forum: Requests and Enhancements
I would welcome if there were an output window so you don't have to use an external tool like ArtNetominator.
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Posted by: Edi_28 - 08-02-2019, 04:01 PM - Forum: Chimp 100
I've received a tourpack with version 1.08. Banana wing is connected and working but when I look in setup menu at the outputs DMX universe 3 and 4 are shown as Disabled.
Seems if wing has not unlocked the additional universes.

May this be a software bug?
Any hints?
- 10

Posted by: Edi_28 - 06-02-2019, 10:51 PM - Forum: Requests and Enhancements
When editing a fixture, currently the min value of a new range is suggested with the max value from the last defined range. It would be much more comfortable if the min value suggestion would be increased by 1.

Tested on software version 1.08
- 1