Deleting a phys. executor button
Posted by: Chris2821 - 28-08-2017, 06:12 PM - Forum: Chimp General Questions - Replies (3)


how can i delete a physical executor button?

my attempt was to hit delete and then pressing the executor button.
didn´t work because the "Delete Toolbar" hides the executors on my screen.

Thanks for your help.


here an example:

it shows me CL 121 on e1 but there is no CL 121

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  Available wing
Posted by: sneaker - 24-08-2017, 11:49 AM - Forum: Chimp Hardware - Replies (1)

When is the banana wing available? The DMX in not as an extension to use, but I need the Wing soon. We have some productions where I need many faders in the application

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  Brightness / contrast screen
Posted by: sneaker - 23-08-2017, 06:42 PM - Forum: Chimp Hardware - Replies (11)

Will there be a solution to change the brightness and contrast of the screen? In the current state, the console is not used in daylight because you see almost nothing on the screen.

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  [DONE] Chimp OnPc
Posted by: sneaker - 23-08-2017, 06:37 PM - Forum: Chimp Feature Requests - Replies (17)

Is it planned to publish an OnPc version to prepare shows at home?

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  2 DMX optoisolated In/Outputs
Posted by: Chris2821 - 21-08-2017, 07:27 PM - Forum: Chimp Hardware - Replies (9)


Here a screenshot of the of official chimp Consol video. 

Were can i find the DMX Output. There is non. ;-)

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  Software Release V1.04 (18-08-2017)
Posted by: Ron - 18-08-2017, 04:39 PM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases - No Replies

Version 1.04 (18.08.2017)
This is a stable release which focusses on fixing bugs that have been reported on Version 1.03 and several improvements based on user feedback.

 - Added Auto-Release Functions to Fader and Executor Page Directories. When enabled changing pages will automatically release all non-template Cuelists on the last page.
 - "Infinity + Load" Function now also loads Default Values for all selected Fixtures into the Programmer, if no Playback is active
 - "Load Cuelist/Executor/Fader command will now automatically load the first Cue of a Cuelist without prompting the Cue selection window, if only one single Cue is present inside the Cuelist
 - "Infinity + Prev” now selects all Fixtures with Values inside the Programmer
 - Next and Prev buttons will now shift the selected fixture selection pattern when used in "x out of y" selection mode (e.g. "Fixture 1 Thru 3 / 6 Enter")
 - Performance optimizations for the Fixture Live Data Visualization and Main Window Switching
 - Select Button in Cuelist View Window will be auto-disabled, if the window is set to link to the selected Cuelist
 - Changed Cue Display Options to always show Cue Number in front of Cue Name for Executors, Faders and Cuelists
 - Added Auto-Deselect of Programmer Effects, if a new Effect from the pre-defined Effects list is added
 - Changed coloring on Cuelists, Faders and Executors indicating the "Selected" Status for improved visibility
 - Changed Executor Item Font Sizes for Cuelist and Cue Names
 - Added Cuelist LTP High Priority Indicator to Executor and Fader Items (text in the top red corner will become red)
 - Changed "Name It" function when recording into an empty Cuelist: The name entered will now be used to name the first Cue instead of naming the Cuelist
 - When storing into a Fader or Executor the console will automatically choose an empty Cuelist at the end after all other Cuelists. If no empty Cuelist can be found at the end then now the console will do a second search backwards and will use the last empty Cuelist available.
 - Factory library now defaults to "Generic Dimmer 8Bit" instead of "Generic Dimmer 16Bit", when window is opened
 - Cuelist Settings Menu now hiding Timecode Options, if Cuelist is set to Chase mode

 - Fixed Bug: If more than 16 Cuelist were simultaneously active on the same parameters the output priority will not be taken into account correctly resulting in the wrong values being visible
 - Fixed Bug: DMX Input not working on Chimp 100 and Chimp 300 console
 - Fixed Bug: Changing Executor and Fader Pages with Active Cuelists will not Update the Auto-Fixed Cuelists indicator and background color
 - Fixed Bug: Chaser Trigger Menu did select incorrect Sound Trigger on dropdown change
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Fade Master Settings of Master Fade 2 or Master Fade 3 would be interpreted as Fade Master 1 instead
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Settings Menu would not refresh Effect Size and Speed Master Drop Downs correctly in some cases
 - Fixed Bug: Cuelist Settings Menu did not apply Fade Master Settings correctly in Cuelist Mode
 - Fixed Bug: Using the Color Picker to control HSI Fixtures would sometimes calculate incorrect HSI values or visualize values incorrectly on screen
 - Fixed Bug: Invalid Pause/Back and Go behaviour in some situations

AtlaBase Library:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 17.08.2017

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  Software Release V1.03 (28-03-2017)
Posted by: Ron - 18-08-2017, 04:38 PM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases - No Replies

Version 1.03 (28.03.2017)

This is a stable release fixing bugs that have been reported on Version 1.02 and several improvements based on user feedback. Version 1.03 also introduces support for the Banana Wing and Wireless DMX.

Banana Wing:
The Banana Wing can be connected to all consoles of the Chimp range including the Chimp 100 and Chimp 300. The Banana Wing adds 20 more Playback Fader Units extending the total number of Playback Faders to 30. All Playback Faders can be used with up to 100 Fader pages. The Banana Wing also adds 2 more DMX universes via ArtNet and DMX resulting in a total number of available universes of 4 for the Chimp 100 and 6 for the Chimp 300. The Banana Wing will also unlock an additional 100 fixtures on each console.

Wireless Solution W-DMX Module Support:
This software update contains a firmware upgrade to the IO PCB which enables the Wireless Solution W-DMX Module on DMX Universe 1. The W-DMX Module can be configured through the System Setup Menu. The W-DMX Module is sold as an accessory and needs to be ordered separately. 

New Features:
 - Added support for Banana Wing
 - Added Wireless Solution W-DMX Module Support
 - Added auto saving and restoring of Window States for Main Windows on both Screens
 - Added new Feature to Link Fader and Executor Pages to Page Directory Dialog
 - Added new Hotkey to restart User Interface: Infinity + Open + S4. The Hotkey can be used as a workaround to fix Dropdown boxes not responding, when using 2 screens
 - Added Mouse Right-Click Emulation to Touchscreen Drivers (internal and external)
 - Long-Clicking a Cell inside a Table can now be used to open the editor. Functionality is the same as double-clicking a cell with the only difference that long-clicking can also be used on multiple cells simultaneously, if these cells have been selected prior to the long-click.
 - The "Manage Shows" Screen now is able to sort all Shows depending on their date of last use
 - The Start-up Screen after Boot will now list all Shows in the order of their last use. The last opened show will automatically get pre-selected (it’s the first in the list).
 - The Fixture Live Visualization has been upgraded with a new colour-mixing algorithm which is now able to visualize LED fixtures with any given LED combination of Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime, Violet, Indigo, Warm White and Cold White LEDs.
 - Added Online Release Notes button to Online Update Menu showing latest release notes of all available online updates (Requires Internet Connection)
 - The Record Cue Number block Syntax has been extended with "Time" and "Time Time" parameters to directly set an InFade and/or InDelay time during record
 - Added new Pre-Defined Effect “Soft Fly In”, “Soft Fly Out”, "Snake"
 - Added new Cuelist Timecode Mode Feature to configure Timecode Playback Mode to "Go" (Will activate Go on Timecode Cue when Timecode passes) or "Goto" (Will jump across the entire Cuelist to the best matching Timecode Cue)

Additional Changes:
 - Updated USB Import Dialog to only show Open Show Button when Show Version is compatible
 - Updated USB Import Dialog to check if the show to be imported show is currently opened
 - Added Double-Click/Long Right Click Function to Fixture Library Range Editor, DMX Output Configuration Editor and Programmer Value Table
 - Added new Number block Hotkey ".." setting the Dimmer Value of currently selected Fixtures to 0%
 - Added new Hotkeys "Infinity + Fader Page Up" and "Infinity + Executor Page Up" will jump to first Fader or Executor Page
 - Changed default behaviour for recording into an existing Cue from Replace to Merge Mode
 - Renamed Align Toolbar to "Fan Mode" for consistency with Fan Function
 - Added "Enter" Key to function as direct confirmation hotkey to many Dialogs (Delete, Create Second Cue, etc.)
 - Programmer Colour Picker will now set Lime, Indigo, Violet and Warm White Values of LED Colour Mixing Fixtures to 0 when a new colour is selected 
 - RGB Rainbow Effects will now also set Lime, Indigo, Violet, Warm White and Cold White to Zero, if available
 - Improved Cuelist Insert Algorithm to generate Cue Numbers in a smarter way
 - "Record Cue x" Command on the Command line will now take the Record Mode "Insert" into account and insert a Cue before the specified Cue, if "Insert Mode" has been activated
 - It is now allowed to create Cue Numbers smaller than 1. Inserting before Cue 1 will automatically create Cue 0, Cue 0.001 etc. Recording into an empty Cuelist will still create Cue 1 as first Cue.
 - Modified Cuelist Engine: Intermediate Release of Values when a new Cue is started will now use Cue Fade and Delay Timings to release values instead of Cuelist Release Time

Record Cue Timing Syntax Extension ("[]" are optional parameters):
 - Record [Time f] [Time Time d] Enter
 - Record [Time f] [Time Time d] Cuelist x Enter
 - Record [Time f] [Time Time d] Fader p.f Enter
 - Record [Time f] [Time Time d] Executor p.e Enter
 - Record [Time f] [Time Time d] [Cuelist x] Cue y Enter
 - Record Cuelist x [Time f] [Time Time d] Enter
 - Record [Cuelist x] Cue y [Time f] [Time Time d] Enter

Virtual Dimmer Update:
The Virtual Dimmer Function will now automatically scale the DMX Output of the following Channels:
   - Red, Green, Blue
   - Amber
   - Warm White (new)
   - Cold White
   - Intensity (The I in HSI color mixing)
   - Indigo (new)
   - Violet (new)
   - Lime (new)

 - Fixed Executor Pages releasing active Cuelists when Page is changed
 - Fixed minor Bug: Fixture Icon Patch Status didn't refresh, if Fixture patched/unpatched changed
 - Fixed Cuelist Settings Window sometimes changing "Skip to First Cue on Release" Setting, when window is opened
 - Fixed Fixture Library Bug: Exporting a specific selection of Fixtures always reported that no Fixture has been selected
 - Fixed Cuelist Bug: Deleting all Cues while Cuelist was running would not remove values from output
 - Fixed minor Bug: Deleting active Fader or Executor Page would not update GUI with new Active Page
 - Fixed minor Bug: Removed non-functioning and unneeded "Cancel" button from Discard/Save Fixture Library Dialog
 - Fixed minor Bug: Using the Cue Insert Dialog to Insert a new Cue will now automatically open the Keyboard Dialog to give a Cue name, if the "Name It!" Function inside the record toolbar is enabled
Known Issues:
 - "Off if overwritten" will turn off Cuelist, if empty Cues are run or if Cuelists are overwritten by programmer values
 - When using 2 monitors sometimes Dropdown boxes won't open on click. For now please use "Infinity + Open + S4" hotkey to restart GUI which fixes the problem until next reboot. We are sorry for this issue, but it is related to a third party vendor and we are trying to make them fix it.

AtlaBase Library:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 28.03.2017

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  Software Release V1.02 (03-02-2017)
Posted by: Ron - 18-08-2017, 04:36 PM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases - No Replies

Version 1.02 (03.02.2017)

This is a release focussing on bugfixes that have been reported on Version 1.01.
Please let us know any issues you might find.

New Features:
 - Added Cuelist HTP Feature - can be configured in Cuelist Settings Widget
 - Added FX Off RGB,CMY and Pan/Tilt Buttons to Create FX Dialog
 - Added Caps Lock Function to Keyboard Dialog
 - Added "++" and "--" Commands to Commandline for increasing/decreasing selected function level by 10% - usually used by dimmer function.
 - Added Effects Off Toolbar to Programmer to quickly create Off effects for currently running FX

GUI Bugfixes:
 - Fixed Half Split Executor Widget in Playback Window
 - Updates to Fader Info Display: Include FX Size and Speed Master.
 - Fixed minor issues on Cuelist Editor Widget
 - Fixed FX Size/Speed Master Stop/Zero Indicator only appearing when no flash is active
 - Update to External Screen Handling
 - Fixed Question Dialog showing Error Icon on Questions
 - Added Auto Hide for Chimp 100 Info Text about Timecode not being available on this console
 - Chimp 100: Dual Touchscreen Fix
 - Fixed bug not updating Fixture View when switching Shows
 - Fixed LiveData register/unregister bug in Fixture Pool Widget
 - Fixed Create Effect Window  wouldn't allow to Create Custom Off Effect. Changed Name for Off Effect from "None" to "Off"

Backend Changes:
 - Fixed initialization for Chasers: Default Trigger is "60 BPM"
 - Fixed bug combining multiple LTP Effects with Infade < 100%
 - Fixed Bug: Infade Fader scaling Snap Values
 - Fixed Cuelist "Track Thru End" setting not working during playback after second Cue
 - Fixed Timecode Learn Timing and Timecode Playback Bugs
 - Added workaround to "Release at end" Function: If a release time cannot be determined then the total Cue time of the last Cue is used to release a given Cuelist after the last Cue hast been 
 - Several minor Chaser Bugfixes.

Known Issues:
 - "Off if overwritten" will turn off Cuelist, if empty Cues are run or if Cuelists are overwritten by programmer values

AtlaBase Library Changes:
 - Updated Fixture Library to latest release from 01.02.2017

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  Software Release V1.00 (the very beginning) and V1.01
Posted by: Ron - 18-08-2017, 04:33 PM - Forum: Chimp Software Releases - No Replies

To show the history of our Infinity Chimp OS (Operating System) here our first release notes of the software.

                                                                                                     Version 1.00 (21.10.2016)
This is an first release. Please focus testing on overall stability, and bugs.

Known Issues:

 - Link Fader / Executor Dialog not working sometimes
 - Effects do not track in Cuelists
 - Effects cannot be switched off in different Cuelists

                                                                                                       Version 1.01 (11.11.2016)
Showfile Info:
This is the first official released software version. Due to several major changes it will break showfile compatibility with older version. You can downgrade your console at any time to prior software versions, if necessary. From now on any future software release will auto-convert older showfiles to the latest format when opened.

FX Engine Update:
 - Effects are now tracking as well
 - Added Off Effect Type to stop running Effects
 - Added "Off FX" Button and Functionality to Encoder Click Dialog in Programmer
 - Added FX morphing and crossfade engine to smoothly transition between running effects
 - Added Synchronization of FX to Programmer when loading currently running Effects from Cuelists

New Cuelist and Chaser Functionality:
 - Added Speed and Fade Master Fader Options
 - Added new Configuration Options to Chaser and Cuelist Edit Window
 - Added extended Trigger Functions to Chasers
 - Added "Chase Sync to Source" Feature. Updates Chaser Sync Functionality.
 - Added new Master FX Size and Speed Faders
 - Update Speed Master GUI to include "Type" Setting (BPM or Seconds)
 - Added Chaser Mode to Cuelist View Table now showing a different set of columns for Chasers.
 - Added Live Playback Buttons to Cuelist View Table.
 - Update Master Speeds to support BPM and Second settings in Show Setup

Off Toolbar Update:
 - Added Timer to Off Toolbar to autoclose after 30s of inactivity.
 - Updated Buttons in Off Toolbar.

Additional Features and Changes:
 - Added check and user question in case of overwriting existing shows on USB drive during export.
 - Updated “Infinity+Load” Function to figure out real source of current values on stage and load them into Programmer recreating running effects, resolving Presets and Cue Timings
 - Added Double-Click Functionality to Fixture Library Editor Table View
 - Extended Virtual Executor Count on Half Split Window to 64
 - Added Preset Direct Action Function to Programmer
 - Swapped position of "Add more Fixtures" and "Close" button after successful patch.
 - Renamed "Cuelist" Button into "Cues" in Cuelist View Widget
 - Added Hysteresis of 1% to Fader Fetch Mode.

 - Fixed Auto-Switching of Preset Pools
 - Fixed GUI crashing on Link Executor Or Fader Dialog constructor
 - Fixed: Switching between Main Windows might lead to empty Programmer Side Menu
 - Fixed Assign Global Masters on Playback Faders not working.
 - Fixed Programmer Side Menu Color not updating correctly.
 - Several Numberblock Fixes and Extensions
 - Swatchbook update
 - Fixed "Raw Values" Button wasn't initialized when opening Programmer Window.
 - Fixed Insert Cue was able to Create Cue 0 (invalid). Fixed Insert Cue would generate incorrect new Cue number.
 - Fixed Cuelist Priority Buttons not updating correctly.
 - Fixed Bug: "Goto Cue xy" Command not working
 - Fixed rounding error in Dimmer Level Display
 - Fixed rounding Error for Dimmer Values in Programmer Table
 - Fixed Bug in Programmer Side Menu: Setting Menu to Effect and changing Tab forth and back would result in an empty side menu.
 - Fixed Bug in Library Editor: Dimmable Flag could not be changed or set
 - Fixed Switching between Main Windows could sometimes crash the GUI, if a Preset Pool was open in the previous Window.
 - Fixed Executor Info Layout Issues
 - Fixed Export One or more Fixtures from Library not able to select Fixtures
 - Fixed FX sometimes being stuck and continuing to run forever
 - Fixed deleting (or moving away) cues will not update current cue state and show "Error" inside Fader Info
 - Fixed Bug: Effects not using crossfade time when not in first Cue
 - Fixed backend not updating currently running cuelist in live mode when changing Effects in currently running Cue

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  Showtec - Sunstrip - 10Ch.
Posted by: ManuelF - 14-08-2017, 12:29 PM - Forum: Chimp Fixture Libraries - Replies (6)

How to control your Sunstrips I would have a show with 30 pieces where I would like to drive individually that would be 300 dimmer channels if I put them on one-off and so I could not control anything else since only 300 devices are possible at the same time.

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